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#TeaTuesday Soda Pop Substitute

September 12, 2017 , ,

regional names for the stuff

regional names for the stuff

One of my colleagues at work announced her intention to give up diet soda for her health. She has cut down from an amazing eight daily, but still has a steady habit. I suggested she might be able to switch to tea if she found flavors that satisfy her taste buds.  She agreed to try a “tour of tea” I provided in the form of several tea samples from my major stash at home.  She accepted the gift and with encouragement from her daughter she is trying the flavors in the starter pack.  I gave her some black flavored tea, chocolate chai, lemongrass, and more to pique her interest in this broad field.

I have thought about how much money is spent in the United States on soda pop and similar sugarcoated drinks (usually made with corn syrup).  It is shocking when you think about it. Half of us drink soda every day, but the popularity is waining.  People are aware of the health risks associated with soda consumption and are making the switch to other beverages.  Bottling companies are shifting production to meet the demand for calorie free seltzers and other beverages.  The bottler still makes a giant profit on shipping and selling what is mostly water, or in many cases, only water, to the world.  Brewing tea at home, especially in the sun which provides free energy and perfect brewing conditions, is a wonderful way to drink very well at low cost. You just provide the water and the jar, then strain it and keep it in the fridge.  The range of flavor and health benefits available from tea is wide and deep.  The expiration of tea can last a lifetime and constantly be inspirational.  I can’t say that for soda.

I drink tea because I love it, but I am proud of all the money I save by brewing my own. Math alone should convince you to switch, but I know the pull can be very strong for the old habits. I hope my colleague will be able to happily switch her preferences.  If you have a soda addiction you want to kick, I highly recommend tea tasting to all my gentle readers. It is a bargain.

white blueberry tea

white blueberry tea


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Several years ago I quit drinking soda completely and only drink coffee and water. I feel so much better now.

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John Holton

September 13, 2017

Me too, John. I drink tea, coffee, and water, with an emphasis on the water. Thanks for visiting.


Pamela Morse

September 13, 2017

I love that you shared this and showed that tea isn’t just black or green without a lot of taste. Tea junkies know the variety of flavors is pretty amazing


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 1, 2017

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