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#WritePhoto Dream Flow

September 21, 2017 , , ,


Flowing River

Flowing River

The edges of the stones were mossy and slick.  When we tried to climb on them we slipped into the rushing current of the river.  We were carried swiftly downstream, looking for a jetty or an overhanging branch on which to cling. There were no helpful signs. The river had run away with us, and in our folly we had lost our way deep in the forrest.  The adventure had turned into a nightmare without a map or a plan.

This little hike started out with innocent curiosity about where the source of this river .  Some said the tributaries trickled down from the whole mountain range, naturally seeking the sea.  Others told stories of a hidden artesian spring deep in a cave, which was the main source of all the water we found in between the river’s banks.  It had been said in ancient times a hermit guarded the source of the spring, to keep the enemies from polluting it. The folk tales of the valley mention healing powers, even miraculous restoration of wealth and status, attributed to bathing in the river water. The hermits and the shamans kept the secret of the waters for themselves.  They stopped healing the sick, and started selling miracles to those in power at the time. After a time the spring ran dry, and the flow of the river was diminished.

We found shelter under tall trees on the shore where we finally landed. We sat at the edge of the water and watched for the others.  Our voyage of discovery had been ill-advised to say the least.  We now found ourselves miles from our intended destination, wet and without a plan.  As the afternoon shadows grew long we heard voices coming from the woods.  Our shouts for help were finally met with the sound of our companions calling our names. Once reunited we felt better, but still had no idea where we were. We built a fire and told our individual stories of falling into the current and finding our way to this place until we all fell asleep.

After a long heavy sleep we awoke to find ourselves safe and sound on the shore where we had started our day.  We all had strange dreams about the river which we recounted to each other on the way home.  It was surprising how similar our dreams had been.



This story is in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt in her Echo.  Each week writers interpret a photo to share.  Join us to read, comment, or write your own piece.



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Ah, the water sprites guard their own… 🙂


Sue Vincent

September 25, 2017

Thanks Sue

Liked by 1 person

Pamela Morse

September 26, 2017

I like the idea of similar dreams. It makes me wonder how common they are. Nice story.


Frank Hubeny

September 26, 2017

Love the photo! Your story was well done!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 1, 2017

Thank you Sue


Pamela Morse

September 28, 2017

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