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#WritePhoto The Hideout

March 15, 2018 ,



When they lived along the river the whole family used to hike up to the rock hideout a few times every year for a party, a picnic, and some music.  Families wandered more in those times.  They met folks from other towns, learned new songs from them, and exchanged some goods. The den in the rocks was used for festive purposes before the flood.  They never had to worry about thieves or tricksters in those days.  Life was simple.  There was plenty for everyone. They had not known tragedy or loss.  Then one day a wall of water rushed down the valley, washing away everything on both sides of the river for miles.

When the water finally subsided and they surveyed the damage it was decided that moving to higher ground was practical.  If they were to rebuild and start anew, they wanted to be sure they could not be wiped out so suddenly by the whims of the river.  They looked for signs. They decided to make their new headquarters in the old hideout.  It had some sentimental value to them, and they were emotionally fragile. The loss of their home and possessions took a heavy toll.

They used the cave as a shelter, a watchtower, and a place to store their belongings while they built new lives. The significance of the place to the family became legend.  When we come up here now we like to tell stories about the time when our ancestors camped in this place in order to survive.



This piece is a response to the photo prompt on Sue Vincent’s Echo this week.  Every week she posts a new photo to inspire poetry or prose, long or short.  Join us for a wide variety of responses every Thursday.  The fun is in seeing all the ways people write about the same image.

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Great story!



March 20, 2018

Your prose is terrific. I love the details in how they decided to move.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 22, 2018

Thank you Sue

Liked by 1 person

Pamela Morse

March 20, 2018

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