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#WeekendCoffeeShare Borderland Politics

August 26, 2017 3 Comments

If we were having coffee this weekend in Arizona I would invite you to chill while I serve you iced tea or coffee. Our state has hit the big time in the news this week with our rally in Phoenix and yesterday’s pardon of Joe Arpaio. The pardon was highly symbolic to the people of Arizona, who put up with all the benefits and detriments of living on the border. We know about illegal immigration and dope smuggling at the border because they are the traditional businesses that rely on slack or corrupt law enforcement to thrive. The attention drawn to the Mexican border these days is all about the wall and the people living here without papers. It is rare to hear anything about collaboration with Mexico, although most of the produce we eat comes from there.  The border is not a simple issue, and the wall, in any form, will not stop the cartel from serving their customers up here.  They catapulted a giant bale of weed into downtown Douglas right after Trump visited his wall in Yuma.  You can’t say they don’t have a sense of humor.

This week a giant bale of weed landed in Douglas, AZ, formerly famous for a long running underground tunnel beneath the border.  It is impossible to explain to those who have not lived near the border what it is really like. Don’t believe any simplistic explanation of our situation.  It is centuries old, and not going anywhere soon.



If we were having coffee or tea I would ask how your life and writing are going.  I wish all those in hurricane country an easy time.  I hope you will stay dry, and keep all your possessions in tact. I wish our country some kind of respite from all the crazy politics and anger, which do not seem to be diminishing.  My poetry and fiction are still kind of depressing, and I think it is all about the current events on my mind.  I do find that it is a creative source, but wish the trauma would settle down for a while.

I hope you are feeling productive and pleased with your writing.  I appreciate your visit today to our controversial state.  If you have written a coffee share post please share it here. Diana at PartTimeMonster hosts the party every week from New Orleans.  You can join us by reading, position, or commenting.  Thanks for visiting this week.



What Did You Lose on 9/11/01?

September 9, 2016 7 Comments



I have a solid memory of the morning of September 11, 2001. My father called me on the phone and told me the Pentagon had just been hit. I said “It’s just a Pentagon.” Then I turned on the TV news, and to my horror, learned about the tragic events that had taken place while I was rocking and rolling around my house, blissfully unaware.  Those of us who were alive when JFK was shot all had a spooky feeling that this terror was all connected. The axis of evil had landed on our shores, and nothing would ever be the same.  We lost our innocence, and many of us also lost our minds.

The first responders, and their sacrifices, came into focus like never before in modern history. The risks and the losses they take every day started to hit home in the hearts and minds of American citizens.  Many folks joined the military because they felt the need to do something to protect our country.  We got a Department of Homeland Security and the borders started getting way tighter.  I was well aware of the border phenomena because I was working as a wetback gringa in Mexico at the time.  Suddenly the Tecate border crossing, which had always been almost a joke border, became very strict.  This clogged up the traffic, which would back up for blocks in Tecate, BC, waiting to cross.  There were people who would wait in the line for you for a fee, and those people had all the work they wanted. Since I was a guest instructor, spending only a couple of weeks at time down there, the border issue really put a wet blanket on my commute.  I had to drive 6 hours from Tucson, which I had accepted.  I just could not handle waiting an hour in bumper to bumper traffic while waiting to leave the country.  I determined after a couple of years that Mexico, lindo y querido, was no longer fun for me.  I have not crossed the border since 2003.  I have not seen the border wall, and I may never see it.

Things changed for the worse in Mexico because all kinds of people who had walked to the border from Guatemala, Chiapas, or Nicaragua were stuck.  They had few options.  The criminal element suddenly had a huge influx of desperate people to employ, a boon to smuggling and anything else they cared to do.  They probably started digging new tunnels all over the place with their new source of  labor.   Our tiny town of TKT (the local way to spell Tecate) went from safe to wildly violent overnight.  One of my Mexican colleagues came in to work all freaked out because she had discovered her boyfriend, chopped up in the trunk of a car.  We went from zero to chopped up in the trunk of a car in no time.  It was no longer safe for me to ride the public bus to Tijuana, use the route taxis to go to to the beach , or generally live it up in borderlandia.  The party was over, but it had been very good while it lasted.

Now we mark the date with remembrance of the solemn occasion.  I am afraid that the meaning is being lost.  People are using it to sell merchandise, which really offends me.  We all lost something on that day.  I lost a country and a culture that I loved dearly.  I mean Mexico when I say that, but in many ways my own country endured a cultural change from which we will not recover.  What did you personally lose, gentle reader?

Loss of dignity at the mattress store

Establishing Borders

August 9, 2016 3 Comments

“I encourage people to remember that “No” is a complete sentence.” ~ Gavin de Becker 1. Identify current boundary crossers The first step in setting healthy boundaries is identifying who it is that is the boundary crosser. How does this person make you feel? Most likely, telling this person how you feel will get you no […]

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