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Arizona Highways #NaPoWriMo

April 7, 2017 1 Comment

Riding in the red Mustang down Arizona Highways in the spring
Psychedelic colors flash like cartoons across the landscape
Brightly blooming trees and cacti light up the desert and sing
Mysterious, haunting, and otherworldly, it is here we can escape
Taking in the wonders of nature, we heal our weary souls
Retreating into the beauty of the season we are made whole

We run with the roadrunners and hum with the hummingbirds



Please ride the poetry train this April at #NaPoWriMo.  You are invited to contribute, read, comment, or participate in some of the many contests happening this month.  You can follow both #GloPoWriMo and #NaPoWriMo on social media to discover more poets.

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 Is Greenery — TIME

December 8, 2016 1 Comment

The Pantone Color Institute has spoken: at a time when it seems everybody is in need of some hope, the bright “greenery” should help provide some as the 2017 Color of the Year. The idolized color authority announced its choice of the shade Pantone 15-0343 (generally called “greenery”) on Thursday. Pantone chooses a color each…

via Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 Is Greenery — TIME  This is the green that will lead 2017.  Greenery will sprout in the spring of the year, bringing brightness, merriment and cheer.  Despair not, lose the fear.  Pantone Color Institute is here to perk up our year.

Colors of Autumn

September 10, 2013 2 Comments

A visit to the north at the change of seasons can be very beautiful.  I went to New England when the leaves and flowers were bursting out on the trees in May.  Now I said goodbye to the deciduous trees as they begin to change and fall.  I do appreciate the colors and the architectural style of Oakmont, PA, where I grew up and went to school until the end of 8th grade.  While I am not ready to be there in winter, seeing the pretty yards and houses bursting with color is a treat.

Color Wheel Love

July 24, 2013 3 Comments

A model exists to measure and quantify your style of love. Known as Color Wheel Model of Love, the theory posits that people with similar love styles form more lasting relationships.  All relationships are subject to mixing and morphing of styles;  it would be rare to find a single pure style in one person.

The primary styes are:

  • Eros-love as romantic ideal
  • Ludos-love as a game
  • Storge-love as friendship

Secondary styles are:

  • Pragma-practical choice
  • Agape-spiritual selfless love
  • Mania- dramatic ups and downs
color wheel love

color wheel love

Mixing the styles creates a full rainbow. Take this quiz if you are curious about your styes.  This idea was published by John Lee in his book, The Colors of Love , available on Amazon.  It makes sense to me.  Do you identify with one or more of these styles?

Color Magic

July 23, 2013 3 Comments

Color has magical qualities.  Color plays a role in ritual, in design, and in folk medicine around the world.  In Feng Shui customs, cures, and auspicious building sites are color coded.  Color and love are symbolically entwined, intrinsically related. Emotions are influenced by color. What do your colors say about you?

  • Do you wear the same colors all the time?
  • Do you decorate with the same hues?
  • Is your wardrobe organized, or randomly stored?
  • Do you have strong identification with one color?
  • Do you have intense dislike of any color?

Look around today to learn more about your sensitivity to your surroundings.  An interesting exercise to try is choosing one color, then noticing how you encounter it during the day. Notice if it is in your food, your work, or your fashion.  Pay attention to the way you feel when you run into this color.  Does it throw you off balance in some emotional way? Does it have meaning of a symbolic nature?

Create Your Own Fashion

July 22, 2013 4 Comments

For years I made most of my clothing and a lot of the items for my home, like curtains.  I have always had very specific fashion requirements that were fostered by my sewing mother.  She achieved greater skill and ability as a tailor, but I know I got the idea, and perhaps some talent, from her.  My parents went to conventions with petroleum engineers all over the world.  Months before the trip my mother would make outfits for the event that included matching hats and shoes.  She often looked like QEII with all the matchy-matchy.  She did have clothes from stores, but her best stuff in the 1950’s was made with her own hands.

Last year I started sewing again because I own a big stash of fabric and two machines.  I found that creating with fabric  makes me happier than ever.  I used to sew because it was a cheap and easy way to create my clothing; ironically, now supplies are much more expensive, making it much less of a bargain.  The satisfaction is in the choices at each step along the process.  I do not need to buy any fabric, but rather need to use all the leftovers I have collected.  This is like going through the fridge and deciding to make soup based on what you have. You decide what makes it delicious.  It will be exactly to your taste.

Color and pattern work together in creating a design.  My fabric stash offers many different weights and composition in fabric.  I selected them because they fit into a color palette that matches other items in my wardrobe. I have both woven and knit to use in my fall collection. I will start by making a wrap skirt to keep it simple.  I am not in the mood for zippers.  I am seeking fairly instant gratification. I also want to use  my stash without buying any more fabric or notions.  I own some great buttons, and should get them out to see what they might enhance. The creativity of working with fabric, notions, and design is endless.  Evolving hand made fashion is especially fulfilling to me.  I may take apart some old garments and reuse my favorite parts of them too. I admire all the upcycled fashion I see being used in new ways.  Even folks who don’t sew or have a machine can find really cool designs to create from knit fabric, like tee shirts. Join the fun for fashion that expresses the real you.

Spring Blooming in the Desert

March 23, 2013 2 Comments

When spring arrives in the desert it comes on quickly and leaves.  We have to get it while we can. The color of the blooms on cactus are extravagant and vivid.  The bees are busy and the livin’ is easy, for a very short time….then we sizzle.

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