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Color Wheel Love

July 24, 2013 , , ,

A model exists to measure and quantify your style of love. Known as Color Wheel Model of Love, the theory posits that people with similar love styles form more lasting relationships.  All relationships are subject to mixing and morphing of styles;  it would be rare to find a single pure style in one person.

The primary styes are:

  • Eros-love as romantic ideal
  • Ludos-love as a game
  • Storge-love as friendship

Secondary styles are:

  • Pragma-practical choice
  • Agape-spiritual selfless love
  • Mania- dramatic ups and downs
color wheel love

color wheel love

Mixing the styles creates a full rainbow. Take this quiz if you are curious about your styes.  This idea was published by John Lee in his book, The Colors of Love , available on Amazon.  It makes sense to me.  Do you identify with one or more of these styles?

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I took a class back in college where we learned about this stuff…really interesting!:-)


Jess @UsedYorkCity

July 24, 2013

color wheels are interesting way of looking at color. I think it’s very interesting.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

July 25, 2013

off to take the quiz.


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