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#TheTruthMatters Power and Authority

August 17, 2016 1 Comment



I have been watching the HBO  John Adams series about the American Revolution and the first American continental congress in Philly. It helps me see that our politicians are not in the worst situation in our history. Neither are they less favorably aligned than in the nation’s past. This congress we have today is about the same as all ruling bodies have always been, since the Roman Senate.  The use of power by humans on earth has been punctuated with misery and cruelty.  Conquest, political or military, has been imposed on nations, colonies, and entire continents.  War and Peace have hung in the balance more times than we know, but always for the same reasons.  War is an archetypal situation that repeats itself.

When we say history repeats itself we mean that archetypal events continue to occur.  In the arch of recorded history we have seen the pendulum of power swing from feudalism to anarchy.  Leaders have been both born and created in the struggle to survive.  We think of those leaders as the representatives of the entire culture, but they may merely be the most famous.  We know less about how the common person lived than we do about the fancy and well born.  I know this very well from my study of my own ancestry.  I learn more all the time about America by studying my ancestors’ lives.  None of my forefathers was famous during the American Revolution, but many did fight in it.  Power does flow through the events of man, but my religious ancestors would all say that fate is sealed by divine providence.  Man is just a player on the eternal stage.

Avenger Archetype

October 5, 2013 3 Comments

The Avenger character is a masked marvel. Crusades for righteousness and fairness are the territory of this archetype.  Comic book characters and super heroes use the avenger character  to tell stories about balancing the scales of justice .  The obvious shadow attribute the avenger can possess is the willingness to use violence to defend a cause.  Frequently we see the misguided avenger on the loose; That is called the loose cannon because the lack of control is too obvious.  They may be warriors or politicians, but their primary motive is to represent causes for the sake of others.  They are aggressive.

Religious zealots in history  have often convinced others to seek revenge or fight a holy war.  Terrorism and family feuds are examples of avengers gone bad.  When nations or political factions  square off to avenge some perceived wrong this is the archetype in control.  When the Republicans and the Democrats cut off all their noses to spite all their faces they are doing it because they believe they are finding vengeance.  They tell the taxpayers they are fighting for us, but they are isolated in their own cartoon, unaware of the roles they play in our big drama.  They fight because they feel entitled, and because we have allowed them to become so extreme.  Their capes and masks must be recalled.

avenger card

avenger card

Congress, Creativity, Connessione

September 27, 2013 3 Comments

Watching the US congressional dramatists perform for the nation I wonder how these folks make contact with reality. Systems thinking, or connessione provides a holistic, integrated, well proportioned view.  The interests of many networks can be connected for the good of the entire system.  Our congressional employees seem stuck on the idea that hostile, unproductive bickering is what the taxpayers deserve.  Fractured care for our precious resources is eroding the national confidence.  Rather than forming natural helpful alliances bills are created with purposeful conflicts of interests from the get go.  It looks as if these representatives of the people are on some kind of very bad bummer trip, unable to view any kind of broad picture for fear of heavy freak out.  They use their imaginations and creativity to whip up disharmony rather than working to connect the whole.

How can we use our own creativity as taxpayers to force these clowns to get it together on behalf of the American people?  Can we imagine them working for us rather than wasting our money?  I find that difficult.  In the season of Halloween let us consult history and the ancestors to learn from the past.  How did our ancestors off insane rulers?  There have been plenty of them.  We must connect the dots to understand the deep lessons history teaches.  We must find the strength and the will to create a congress that works for us.  We are capable of balance, even if we are not witnessing it in our elected officials.

Congress Hoist with Own Petard

March 1, 2013 1 Comment

If only the congressional lemmings were left to their own devices I believe we could be rid of them. Their herd has lost all healthy instincts, all survival skills. If we did not support them they would not survive on their own. They appear to be determined to do anything to blame somebody else for reality. They have all this lobby/campaign money and ethic that leads them directly away from the people’s work. They are transparent as they fatten up every piece of greasy legislation with porky-hambone-chops. The have no shame about their intentions, which are to be sent back to live the life in the nation’s capitol at our expense. They have gone on a long weekend break, having been exhausted by non stop refusal to cooperate. Why are we overpaying toddlers to fight with each other? Why are these reckless petardiers still loose on the town with our money?

Hoist with their own petard, they run home to whine to voters about the contents of this mess. Is there anyone who does not wish the Congress would just stop bickering and start working? The whole thing looks like a cartoon each night on the news. In dreams the Roadrunner deals with their crazed, inflated-ego selves, as he does with the delusional Wylie Coyote.


Winter of Our Disco Tent

December 31, 2012 1 Comment

John Steinbeck wrote American novels that richly described in detail the place and time. His final book was about greed and ethics. The title, Winter of our Discontent, was taken from a line in William Shakespeare’s Richard III. When I look back in history by studying my ancestors I see a constant struggle, sometimes ignorant, sometimes violent, about greed and ethics. Our current crossroads and choices are similar to the ones found in history. “There may be better times, but this one is ours.” J P Sartre. We have to go with what we’ve got.

Since nobody has free time for an epic Greek drama, or even Shakespeare, our morality play has to be formatted for a smart phone and be shorter than 2 minutes to have impact. I admire Alan Simpson as an artist and a scholar. The essence of his distinguished career as a statesman and public servant could not possibly be summed up better than his dance with the can. The medium is the message. He knows how to communicate. Get down on it, Alan.

Saturday Morning Puppet Show

December 29, 2012 2 Comments

There is a number to call  in the ad above to tell congress if you want to stop living like Jessica Rabbit in a bad cartoon. Tweet them, write them, fax them, call them, and beg for mercy on this country.  Each new installment of this congress show is less acceptable than the last.  We have gone beyond throwing bums out, and must address the systemic way this all came about in the first place.  I think it would be good to know what happened on K Street before  lobbyists moved in and started running the Howdy Doody Show.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet,

December 28, 2012 3 Comments

Hamlet and skull

Hamlet and skull

that is the question…..wheather it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of 140 character communication, or ignore it. Peeps who do not tweet are not neccesarily out of touch, while tweeps who do may be wildly deranged or just killing time. Considering how much time is killed in real time, we must admit that this double edged sword cuts both ways. Our challenge is to use it for the benefit of mankind. I am sure there were many fatal errors while humans became familiar with the properties of fire, but eventually the power was harnessed for beneficial uses. The printing press, and, Oy Vey!, the printed Bible have drastically changed the course of history. The tool itself must not be maligned, but investigated to find the highest and best use.

We have a tool for democracy called congress which,in itself,is not a bad idea. It was created to govern our republic. There were corporations in early America, but there were no superpacs. Carolyn Myss uses an excellent example in the book Sacred Contracts to explain the use of tools on earth. She used the example of learning to use a knife. If you grab the knife by the blade it will be painful and destructive. When the paid becomes too great you may decide to use the handle of the knife which makes the knife useful for many purposes. Then the knife can cut food and perform a number of other useful tasks. We need to grab congress by the handle now. This is much too painful. This is our time in history, post Zombie Appocolypse global hot house. How shall we handle this?

Fumigate Congress

December 2, 2012 5 Comments

Greek Senate

Greek Senate

I watched an excellent program on the history channel about the use of drugs in history. During the discussion of ancient Greece they showed the Senate (from the same word as senility) being fumigated with herbs before they met to discuss matters. The Greeks hot boxed the lawmakers in the chamber with hallucinogenic herbs to make them cordial.  How have we not thought of this?  How did this practice ever disappear?  These people invented classic.  Why has the CIA not been given a mission to find the fumigation recipe they used?

We know they are all on a number of pharmaceuticals, mind and soul altering drugs with disastrous side effects.  We know that they can not distinguish between health care and wellness.  We know we do not trust them with our money, and they have our money.  I say we dose them, gentle readers, and NOT with their own medicine.  It is time for a major toga party on the hill.

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