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Congress Hoist with Own Petard

March 1, 2013 , , ,

If only the congressional lemmings were left to their own devices I believe we could be rid of them. Their herd has lost all healthy instincts, all survival skills. If we did not support them they would not survive on their own. They appear to be determined to do anything to blame somebody else for reality. They have all this lobby/campaign money and ethic that leads them directly away from the people’s work. They are transparent as they fatten up every piece of greasy legislation with porky-hambone-chops. The have no shame about their intentions, which are to be sent back to live the life in the nation’s capitol at our expense. They have gone on a long weekend break, having been exhausted by non stop refusal to cooperate. Why are we overpaying toddlers to fight with each other? Why are these reckless petardiers still loose on the town with our money?

Hoist with their own petard, they run home to whine to voters about the contents of this mess. Is there anyone who does not wish the Congress would just stop bickering and start working? The whole thing looks like a cartoon each night on the news. In dreams the Roadrunner deals with their crazed, inflated-ego selves, as he does with the delusional Wylie Coyote.


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SO TOTALLY agree with you. I can’t believe that they had so much time to deal with this.. allowed an election to stop it.. (it would have helped certain people get re-elected instead of losing to another person because it would have shown they actively did something).


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 2, 2013

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