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#WritePhoto Tower Of Power

October 12, 2017 9 Comments


Tower Of Power

Tower Of Power

The Roman army built the arches, aqueducts, and city streets

Then conscripted the local constabulary, farmers and priests

They marched off to conquer and manage all humans and beasts

The emperor demanded tribute in service, and taxes paid in gold.

The able bodied were enslaved and abducted to serve the will of Rome

It is hard to say which one issue caused the empire to crumble and fall

Maybe that imperial power concentrated in one place was never real at all

The ruins of foundations laid down long ago are remnants from the past

Mighty political forces appear and disappear, never meant to last




This poem is in response to this week’s photo prompt on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.  Join us each week to read, comment, or submit your own take on the photo.  I think this poem is also inspired by today’s political climate.



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