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#WeekendCoffeeShare Ignorance Crisis

May 14, 2017 3 Comments

the web woven

the web woven

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sticky business

If we were having coffee this weekend I would serve you a long tall glass of iced tea. I am enjoying dewy cherry, a strong fruit flavored herbal tea with long lasting flavor. It is refreshing and beats the hell out of artificial cherry anything.  I switch the flavor of tea daily so we never get tired of any one of them.  It is also the time of year when we start of consume a lot of fresh juice. I can offer you watermelon, cucumber, tomato, or a combo of any of these juices.  I went to the produce site yesterday where I pick up 60 pounds of produce for $10, and decided to score to boxes for $20.  We are once again loaded with honeydew, watermelon, tomatoes, and bell peppers.  I am cooking up a storm, and drying tomatoes for the future.  This non-profit does not operate in the summer, since most of the Mexican produce they bring is not crossing the border in the heat.  It makes a big difference to our budget when we have to go back to paying up at the grocery store for our fresh fruits and vegetables.

If we were visiting today I would tell you about the latest installment of the attempt to complete my non-fiction book.  I have written this book over the course of many years and published it here on this blog in real-time, as the story developed.  It could have been a short story about justice triumph and community policing.  Sadly it is a true story about how the local police department accidentally used their “neighborhood watch” program to promote felony crime (charity scamming by the HOA board using our corporate property, our corporate treasury and our corporate lawyer) in the hood.  It does sound like an incredible tale, and I wish it were not true.  I have published each part of the book and sent the evidence to the city of Tucson since 2013, but the criminal activity has gone on much longer than that.  Each time I reported the crimes I thought it would be the last time I would need to do it because I thought the city would want to stop supporting and promoting the most obvious crime in our neighborhood. Alas, the police do not understand that HOA fraud and charity scamming are against the law.  They encouraged the scam, and even promoting cramming the fire lane full of cars in order to run the 24 hour donation drop off for the scam.  They thought this was a community service.  They thought they were serving us by protecting and promoting felony crime (including postal fraud) in front of everyone here for almost a decade.  They thought that by setting up an illegal knock-off of the food bank in the fire lane of a residential condo village they would serve our community.  They never understood that their actions were very detrimental to safety, property value, quality of life, and certainly did a lot of damage to respect for law enforcement officials.  They flaunted obvious obstruction of justice for years and told us it was community service.  They might be that ignorant, but the people in this ‘hood are not.

The national political scene is all a-twitter about a constitutional crisis caused by all the latest developments.  There is nothing new happening.  With all due respect to anyone who thinks they can fix national politics, I believe the crisis is one of extreme national ignorance.  The governed have no idea how government is supposed to work, and neither do the folks who work for the government.  If anyone knew how the justice system was intended to operate, it would be something other than a for profit prison system that fails enrich or protect the community.  If people knew what the presidency was supposed to do, they would shape that mandate in the voter’s booth.  I think our position in the world today is a result of a long era of willful blindness and withdrawal of education to the masses.  If they can’t read, write, spell , or do math, they will probably not challenge the powers that be because they don’t even know what and where they might be.  Ignorance and willful blindness are the enemies, gentle reader.

And thus I will conclude my political rant against ignorance in the United States.  I have advised the city of Tucson that there are laws against charity scamming and HOA fraud, as well as blocking the fire lane with traffic for a decade in front of my house.  They have yet to respond, so I can’t have a happy ending to this book.  It is about the truth, and the truth is that they still think they have the right to come out here and mislead people in order to promote crime.  I will end the book and let you know when they finally respond.  They do not have the right to remain silent, but the continue to do so.  I rarely go on political rants, in fact I consider this to be an education rant.

Thanks for joining me today while I let off steam.  Please read, write or comment on the state of your personal affairs at the weekly party hosted by Nerd in the Brain.  Enjoy sipping digital beverages with bloggers from all over the world each weekend. Please pipe up with your own stories.





Criminally Unconscious

February 6, 2017 4 Comments

Halls of Justice, Blurred

Halls of Justice, Blurred

We will soon discover if what appears to some to be extreme Fascism will be contained by the United States judicial system.  The checks and balances originally designed into our system have been blurred by political power.  If religious organizations are liberated to use funds for direct political campaigning we will be in a whole new universe of crossed purposes.  Many worry that when the president said he revoked Dodd Frank financial regulations because some of his friends have good businesses and can’t borrow (yes, that is what he said) that we are running fast down the road that brought us to ruin when Wall Street was too big to fail. Since we made up that term we have done absolutely nothing (except Dodd Frank) to address this too big to fail banking problem. The complicated regulations are never well understood by normal people, but  we are clearly being told that banks will be able to lend more freely and do as they please (gamble) with the banks’ holdings as soon as this has been enacted.  I am no banking expert, but this sounds very fishy to me. We don’t fully understand it, but we have political deja vu.

The executive branch of the government is intended to enforce the laws created by Congress.  The president, the military, and the police are “arms of the law” intended not to make law but to enforce it.  The judicial branch provides needed expertise to guide the executive branch to stay within the law.  It adjudicates disputes about the laws that congress creates.  The Supreme Court has been fully politicized to the point that the appointment is viewed now as extreme political victory. It is such a big deal that the present vacancy was “held open” until the election was concluded.  This says a lot about The Supreme Court and Congress.  This appointment is now a public political wrestling match which is getting messy.  Is this how the government is even supposed to work?

The reason to watch the judicial branch very carefully now is that it holds the key to rule of law. With a strong independent and functional judiciary branch we can move forward and resolve disputes without running amok in political expediency.  I currently trust the court system more than I trust the other two branches.  In my own mind the checks and balances are wildly out of balance.  A poorly educated public that does not understand how the government is intended to work is not very likely to be governed by a functional, rational leadership.  This is a formula for Fascism.  This is how rule of law is destroyed, with ignorance.  I am not as much a subscriber to good and evil as I am to real and unreal.  The evil I believe we need to fight in the world today is unconsciousness. If we think someone is criminally unconscious it is our duty to persuade them to make contact with reality. That task is much harder than judging or assuming anything about anyone. These are troubled times, gentle reader.

How to Showcase Your Ignorance

April 19, 2016 1 Comment



Set your own priorities with no regard for reality or truth

Walk backwards into situations, the blind back of your head leading

Make sure you ignore the voices pleading, the garden in need of weeding

Blame poorly informed decisions and disruptive behaviors on the youth

Take no responsibility for the results of your actions, causes or effects

Turn your face in both directions speaking platitudes while thinking even worse

Ethical boundaries destroyed and forgotten by superstitious unconscious curse

Thoughts drift in the back door of imaginary enemies and fraudulent respects



Join the poetry fiesta all month in April at #NaPoWriMo .  Submit your own poems and read the work of other poets.

Invasive Species, Rhus Lancea

August 8, 2014 7 Comments

Invasive botanical species are like untended social problems. If they are ignored they will take over and eliminate the native species because they are powerful and destructive.  Rhus Lancea is an invasive species that is taking over midtown Tucson.  It was brought here as a landscape plant, but quickly got out of control.  It is a relative of poison ivy, and causes some people to have serious allergic reactions, either respiratory or as a skin rash.  It spreads by producing abundant seeds as well as by spreading underground by suckers.  If there is irrigation water, rhus lancea will be very likely to sprout and grow, taking nutrients and moisture from the native or landscape plants.  Since it develops such a network underground the tree is very difficult to kill.  Cutting it down will not kill it, but will encourage spreading through the roots.  It is like a street gang, very undesirable and hard to eliminate.

I have been thinking about how these invasive plants are like crime.  If everyone ignores crime like tagging, vandalism, and gang activity it sucks the nutrients and value out of the neighborhood.  If drug dealing and other crimes are tolerated they blend into the scene making the whole place less valuable and less safe.  With no awareness, or worse, willful blindness to criminal and anti social activity we can only expect the environment to fill with undesirable behaviors.  We have a vivid illustration of this right outside my front door.  We pay landscaping company to kill our landscaping plants and waste large amounts of water each day.  We (the owners of shares of our HOA)  have just paid to have what was described as a dying mesquite tree removed from our sidewalk.  Since it is not dying and is a rhus lancea, we have paid these gardeners to encourage the growth of all of the children of the tree, that have been left in place.  The stump will probably grow back again too.  If actions we take are based on ignorance we will not arrive at a better situation.  Can you think of situations like this that remind you of government?  Working against our own interests seems to be so common these days.

Supreme Service

June 5, 2013 1 Comment

Sandra Day O’Connor is my hero.  After her long and distinguished career as TFWOTSS ( the first woman on the Supreme Court) she is now teaching and organizing civics lessons for the nation.  Her recognition of the need for this as well as her personal style of presentation make icivics the coolest thing ever.   She is now using all her skills to heal the ignorance of our youth.  She is one smart retired cowgirl.  If light overcomes darkness and wisdom overcomes deceit, Sandra Day is one of the greatest truly public of public servants our country has ever known.  I hope she will have the pleasure of knowing that her teaching has planted healthy seeds in some students’ minds.

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