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#WeekendCoffeeShare Ignorance Crisis

May 14, 2017 , , , , ,

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If we were having coffee this weekend I would serve you a long tall glass of iced tea. I am enjoying dewy cherry, a strong fruit flavored herbal tea with long lasting flavor. It is refreshing and beats the hell out of artificial cherry anything.  I switch the flavor of tea daily so we never get tired of any one of them.  It is also the time of year when we start of consume a lot of fresh juice. I can offer you watermelon, cucumber, tomato, or a combo of any of these juices.  I went to the produce site yesterday where I pick up 60 pounds of produce for $10, and decided to score to boxes for $20.  We are once again loaded with honeydew, watermelon, tomatoes, and bell peppers.  I am cooking up a storm, and drying tomatoes for the future.  This non-profit does not operate in the summer, since most of the Mexican produce they bring is not crossing the border in the heat.  It makes a big difference to our budget when we have to go back to paying up at the grocery store for our fresh fruits and vegetables.

If we were visiting today I would tell you about the latest installment of the attempt to complete my non-fiction book.  I have written this book over the course of many years and published it here on this blog in real-time, as the story developed.  It could have been a short story about justice triumph and community policing.  Sadly it is a true story about how the local police department accidentally used their “neighborhood watch” program to promote felony crime (charity scamming by the HOA board using our corporate property, our corporate treasury and our corporate lawyer) in the hood.  It does sound like an incredible tale, and I wish it were not true.  I have published each part of the book and sent the evidence to the city of Tucson since 2013, but the criminal activity has gone on much longer than that.  Each time I reported the crimes I thought it would be the last time I would need to do it because I thought the city would want to stop supporting and promoting the most obvious crime in our neighborhood. Alas, the police do not understand that HOA fraud and charity scamming are against the law.  They encouraged the scam, and even promoting cramming the fire lane full of cars in order to run the 24 hour donation drop off for the scam.  They thought this was a community service.  They thought they were serving us by protecting and promoting felony crime (including postal fraud) in front of everyone here for almost a decade.  They thought that by setting up an illegal knock-off of the food bank in the fire lane of a residential condo village they would serve our community.  They never understood that their actions were very detrimental to safety, property value, quality of life, and certainly did a lot of damage to respect for law enforcement officials.  They flaunted obvious obstruction of justice for years and told us it was community service.  They might be that ignorant, but the people in this ‘hood are not.

The national political scene is all a-twitter about a constitutional crisis caused by all the latest developments.  There is nothing new happening.  With all due respect to anyone who thinks they can fix national politics, I believe the crisis is one of extreme national ignorance.  The governed have no idea how government is supposed to work, and neither do the folks who work for the government.  If anyone knew how the justice system was intended to operate, it would be something other than a for profit prison system that fails enrich or protect the community.  If people knew what the presidency was supposed to do, they would shape that mandate in the voter’s booth.  I think our position in the world today is a result of a long era of willful blindness and withdrawal of education to the masses.  If they can’t read, write, spell , or do math, they will probably not challenge the powers that be because they don’t even know what and where they might be.  Ignorance and willful blindness are the enemies, gentle reader.

And thus I will conclude my political rant against ignorance in the United States.  I have advised the city of Tucson that there are laws against charity scamming and HOA fraud, as well as blocking the fire lane with traffic for a decade in front of my house.  They have yet to respond, so I can’t have a happy ending to this book.  It is about the truth, and the truth is that they still think they have the right to come out here and mislead people in order to promote crime.  I will end the book and let you know when they finally respond.  They do not have the right to remain silent, but the continue to do so.  I rarely go on political rants, in fact I consider this to be an education rant.

Thanks for joining me today while I let off steam.  Please read, write or comment on the state of your personal affairs at the weekly party hosted by Nerd in the Brain.  Enjoy sipping digital beverages with bloggers from all over the world each weekend. Please pipe up with your own stories.





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Thank you so much for the tea. Cherry is one of my favorites. 🙂 I agree with you about the state of our nation in terms of education, and the perpetuation of ignorance. I saw the dumbing down of education when my youngest son, who is now 32, was in school. I did all that I could by augmenting his education at home since I didn’t feel as though he was learning much of anything within the school system. The teachers were frustrated, too. That was about the time they started proficiency testing. Students were taught to pass a test, not think for themselves.

Liked by 1 person


May 14, 2017

I agree that testing rather than skills ands logic are the goal now…does not play well in real life. Thanks very much for visiting.


Pamela Morse

May 14, 2017

Your coffee shares are always so interesting.. and engaging. I love cherry tea. I am amazed that you got 60 pounds of produce for $10.. We have nothing that inexpensive in terms of Farmers Market produce and there are several in my surrounding area.
I remember your posts about the local police and the scam situation. It horrified me then, it makes me sad now. I think that the city attorney should be alerted before someone sues the city for condoning this


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