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Fluidity and the Future

August 26, 2015 2 Comments

fountain of youth

fountain of youth

When the worldwide economy takes center stage anything can happen.  Some people are caught in a crunch without sufficient funds to cover their losses.  Some investments are easily converted into cash.  These are considered to be fluid investments.  Anything that you own for which there is no instant market is not fluid.  You must find a buyer in order to unload those items.  Often the seller takes a serious loss when forced to raise funds to cover losses. Think of the recent real estate tragedies in the united States as an example.  The underwater homes and mortgages were stuck in  a stagnant market that favored buyers over sellers.  The American dream of the 30 year mortgage in real estate as a fabulous investment has been revealed to be less than foolproof.  Not all homes will retain value, and in some markets real estate is very difficult to move.

Fluidity is a factor in investing and planning for retirement, but it is also a major element in future flexibility in life. The body you create as well as inherit will serve you for better or for worse as time passes.  You will be able to enjoy activities and stay involved in social and intellectual interests as long as your physical health allows.  The precious resources of healthy mind and healthy body can’t be overprotected.  The body is the permanent home we will occupy until we die. Keeping it in good working order is the most valuable gift we can give our future selves.  Retaining good range of motion will pay excellent dividends in terms of comfort and ease. How can we contribute to our liquid physical assets?

  • Immerse yourself in water- use the support of hydrostatic pressure to bring ease to your movement and enhancement to your natural flexibility
  • Try new forms of artistic expression- the latest trend is all about adult coloring books as a meditative practice. Crafty or edible, use any new excuse to expand your artistic horizons.
  • Plan free time to include more activities in nature.  Picnics, hikes, and trips to the dog park all bring the healing power of nature into our daily experience.
  • If you have any space (even a balcony) try growing some of the foods or herbs you eat.  The satisfaction of gardening is a shortcut to both better nutrition and therapy.
  • Start a regular stretching and strength routine.  The methods you use are less important than making the practice a daily habit.  Keeping range of motion all over the body, especially the spine, is an investment well worth your time.
fountain of youth

fountain of youth

Gradual Decline

January 29, 2013 1 Comment

The people who have gone through natural disasters and survived can tell us change is never what we expect. The people who languish in unhappy circumstances often believe that fate has trapped them without options.  The appearance of permanence is a mind boggler. The sensory world seems permanent and meaningless, virtually everything it is not. You are an element of change, weather you acknowledge it or not. Some folks imagine they are preserving the world, others think they are destroying, ruling, or upgrading it. If sudden events alter the world around you, you will both adopt new ways of coping and adapt new skills. This is true for gradual change as well.

The median income in the U.S. of all but the top 10% of earners has remained relatively flat since 1967. Not all family groups, but most, own less than they owned three years ago. A small increase in household income is enjoyed by the top 5 percent of earners, but the middle class has lost income since the big crash of 2008. The adaptation to this reality does not look like healthy acceptance and appropriate response. The concept that the future is always better casts a dark economic cloud over real budgets. Spending as if there is no tomorrow usually results in a future of gloom. Paying the piper is inevitable in terms of karmic as well as financial debt. At both a personal and a national level new skills and perspectives are needed to break the cycle of gradual decline.

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