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Avengers Square Off on the Digital Battlefield, #OpParis

November 18, 2015 1 Comment

Strange alliances are being formed after the Paris attacks.  An interesting turn of events is the war declared on twitter by Anonymous.

Three days later Anonymous is teaching people how to hack ISIS and has published guides on how to do it.  This is a new phase in avenging strategy.  Not too long ago wars were declared by heads of state and fought by nations.  ISIS initiated war in order to create a nation, and recognizes no borders or boundaries in their avenging.  The avenger archetype has always existed in history.  I sometimes feel a bit of avenger at work in my personality because I am highly sensitive to injustice.  I do indulge in both self righteousness and indignant feelings on behalf of all mistreated sentient beings.

The new world of avenging made available through hacking, retweeting, and blogging has opened up many healthy avenging options that do not involve violence or terrorism.  Now it is possible to use hashtags like #OpParis to openly attack enemies.  Digital trash talk and taunting will continue.  I wonder how much effect this digital line of attack will cause.  Since social media has been used so well to radicalize new fighters it makes a lot of sense to me to work to shut down those propaganda opportunities.  Since both groups are avengers without borders they are well pitted against each other.  It is a heavyweight fight.  I plan to hide, watch and retweet for the side of justice because I am more of a poet than an avenger.  Perhaps I will dedicate some poetry to #OpParis to show my support.  How do you  view this new style of warfare, gentle reader?  It has the feel of a video game, but it is completely real.


What Terrifies You?

September 3, 2014 6 Comments

Terror is the new leisure.  We have become so accustomed to the word being used all over the world to describe atrocities, political take overs, and now the rising stars of the terror world, ISIS.  The meaning has become scattered and diluted, so now that real sociopathic mobs roam the desert with intent to do massive destruction we have no new way to describe what they do.  We have allowed fear and loathing to become part of everyday living.  While I am personally glad I am not in a position to direct military or political policy I do see a reason for declaring exactly what we are doing (besides fear and loathing) with our military might.  When war is actually declared there is incentive to negotiate peace and end the war.  By free styling war with no declarations we have gathered new enemies and spread distrust all over the globe.  I have objected and protested publicly against war since I was a teenager, but in all that time the government has never had the guts to declare one.  We are just participating in one huge covert operation that changes frequently and irrationally as we become less popular.

John McCain and I have never agreed before and will not be likely to do so in the future.  I usually think my Senator from Arizona is a paranoid militaristic dweeb with too many houses.  If a bunch of violent punks can declare themselves to be a sovereign nation and run rampant over rule of law the United States needs to declare SOMETHING!!!  Are we bullies?  Are we cowardly?  Are we completely out of touch with reality? I think yes to all of the above questions.  I personally think this is more than a decisive moment in history.  It is  pivotal now to stop this armageddon warm up before momentum takes us to a new world order that we can’t imagine.

What terrifies me is the idea that our government is full of self serving and dishonest people who have no will to act. I am not naming any names because there is no individual responsible.  It is a culture that tells us to “support our troops” without telling us what those troops are really doing and why.  Going to war is serious business, but going straight to hell because we won’t declare war or peace terrifies me.



Isis and Intuition

May 6, 2014 3 Comments

Isis is the mother goddess from Egypt.  She rules intuition, magic, and medicine.  In our celebration of Mother’s Day let us give thanks for our second sense.  Knowing without the reason to know is a gift that can be developed and fine tuned.  Notice that certain places, people or objects grab your attention and keep it.  Other people and things can come and go without striking up much meaning or memory.  The unconscious mind absorbs energy and makes primal instinctive responses.  Our emotions are part observation and part deep underground images that are brought to light in various ways.  In dreams we only see faces we have seen during our lives.  We may not recognize them as we dream, but they represent a symbol, an image, or a story that has meaning for us.  The symbols and images we find in dreams and synchronous encounters are encrypted messages from the unconscious.

A centered person has a rich inner sense of spirit, grounded by soul.  A balance between rational and intuitive mind is important for emotional wellbeing.  As we grow older we may find that more psychic experiences become natural to us.  The environment in which we live will determine how freely we can express ourselves on these matters.  I think some cases of modern depression result from a tension and polarity between reason and  intuition.  Our psychic abilities, such as they are, may be a surprise gift.  This year for Mother (human or Mother Earth) be grateful for all the gut feelings and saving graces you have had in your life.  Be open to more instant insight and enlightenment.

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