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Isis and Intuition

May 6, 2014 , , ,

Isis is the mother goddess from Egypt.  She rules intuition, magic, and medicine.  In our celebration of Mother’s Day let us give thanks for our second sense.  Knowing without the reason to know is a gift that can be developed and fine tuned.  Notice that certain places, people or objects grab your attention and keep it.  Other people and things can come and go without striking up much meaning or memory.  The unconscious mind absorbs energy and makes primal instinctive responses.  Our emotions are part observation and part deep underground images that are brought to light in various ways.  In dreams we only see faces we have seen during our lives.  We may not recognize them as we dream, but they represent a symbol, an image, or a story that has meaning for us.  The symbols and images we find in dreams and synchronous encounters are encrypted messages from the unconscious.

A centered person has a rich inner sense of spirit, grounded by soul.  A balance between rational and intuitive mind is important for emotional wellbeing.  As we grow older we may find that more psychic experiences become natural to us.  The environment in which we live will determine how freely we can express ourselves on these matters.  I think some cases of modern depression result from a tension and polarity between reason and  intuition.  Our psychic abilities, such as they are, may be a surprise gift.  This year for Mother (human or Mother Earth) be grateful for all the gut feelings and saving graces you have had in your life.  Be open to more instant insight and enlightenment.

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Great point made here, we should be celebrating Isis as well, especially those of us who are blessed with a clear intuition. Thank you for this information.



May 7, 2014

Thank you Shauna. It is great to watch your confidence in your own intuition grow and unfold.



May 7, 2014

I love the way you tied this all together. VERY interesting presentation. the recognition and understanding of intuition and what it does to the soul and mind– should one fight that intuition.. can make life very “interesting”


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