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#WeekendCoffeeShare Pool And Protest

June 3, 2017 6 Comments

pool with reflection

pool with reflection

If we were having coffee this weekend in Tucson I would bring a pitcher of water and another of iced beverage of your choice out to the pool. The only place to be on a day when the temperature reaches 106 degrees is in the pool. I have all manner of flotation devices, and there is a table in the shade where we can sit for a chat after we get wet.  If you feel energetic we could chat while we do some exercise in the water.  I have taught swimming and water exercise for years, and although I am not currently certified in lifesaving I will keep you safe. Come on in.  The water is perfect.

This week was relatively uneventful, if you exclude all the political action in Washington, DC. I do watch with interest while Micheal Bloomberg, the states, and cities step up to fight climate change.  I am happy to see all the marchers for science but in Arizona this is not possible at the moment. We must protest fro the pool. I think the best way for me to contribute to the entire issue of environmental protection is to act personally. I think I am carbon conservative, but there are probably a few more items I could buy locally or go without for the good of the planet.  Rather than review the international scene, although that is of interest, I am looking for ways I can reduce my personal consumption of water, gasoline, and electricity.

While I fill your ice water glass again please tell me about your writing projects and your week.  Did you finish or start any new writing?  I admire those of you who write long works of fiction.  I may attempt it someday, inspired by your success.  It takes discipline as well as talent to do a long write.  I have written a few short pieces of fiction, but this week I created a poem in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt. It was about death, and was fully depressing like the previous week’s.  I do wonder at my creative self when I come up with all this dark gloomy haunted stuff.  I also wonder if that is a direction I should try to go for a longer story..haunted and creepy is a genre, after all.  I also wrote about my ancestors and tea, so it was not all gloom and doom…except the ancestors are dead, of course.  I wrote about some from the Byzantine Empire this week.

I think perhaps I am haunted by the politics playing out before me, but that does not matter.  Creative responses to horror and terror have always been used to change things.  Satirists are having a having a hay day with all the crazy times in which we live.  I wish I could draw cartoons, but I think this talent will be for another lifetime.  I will have to stick to poems to express my distaste, rage, or general revolt.  How do you best protest, gentle reader?Do tell, what makes you revolt (silently or otherwise)?

If you are in the mood, feel free to cannonball before you go.  Hydrate fully, and stay safe.  Please join the coffee party on the weekend hosted by Emily at Nerd in the Brain.  Contribute a post, or read, comment, and visit here.




Swimming, Try It For The Side Effects

September 29, 2016 1 Comment

reflection in my pool

reflection in my pool

Swimming is introduced to many of us when we are children.  I was enrolled in the Red Cross swimming program, which I looked forward to attending each summer until I passed all the badge levels.  I lived in Pittsburgh, so we had very little winter time swimming.  We did occasionally go to a YMCA with an indoor pool that was open at night somewhere in the ‘burbs of the ‘Burgh.  I remember my hair freezing after those sessions, but it did not bother me at all.  My friends and I were big fans of the water, and our parents used going to the pool as the supreme bribe/reward.

When I was 30 I trained at the YMCA in Tucson to teach parent/infant swimming classes. After I was certified my friends with lots of kids asked me to teach at their private pools at home.  I did this for many years, teaching groups organized around the convenience of the families.  This very good deal for both the parents and for me finally ended against the wishes of some, but I was truly fried by the sun and ready to leave the pool deck.  My skin and hair were begging me for a break.

I still taught aquatics and swimming at spas, but to adults.  The adult swimming lesson becomes a greater challenge than the children’s class.  If a person has not learned to swim by a certain age, it becomes a greater obstacle with every passing year.  Some people were directly frightened by a water incident at some time they remember.  Most don’t recall a specific reason, but have been afraid of water since they were young.

It is appropriate to fear water if one does not have the skills needed to survive in it.  Of particular danger are natural bodies of water with currents, undertow, or strong surf.  Even strong swimmers are subject to injury or death in torrential flash flood conditions.  Caution is always a good idea in or around water.  Being a good lifeguard for yourself and others is all about prevention.  It is not a good idea to swim alone.  Get out of the water during a lightning storm. Use common sense to keep everyone from falling or slipping around the edge of the pool.

Learning to swim well enough to swim laps for exercise has multiple benefits:

  • Breathing is an essential focus, bringing about improved awareness
  • Flexibility is enhanced by speeding time moving in the water
  • Swimming symmetrically, breathing on both sides increases coordination
  • Lap swimming is a meditation, a place and time during which you cannot be disturbed

I believe the last one is the best.  Nobody can interrupt you, call you, ask you for anything during your lap swim.  Especially if you learn to flip turn, your obvious determination to move across the water will be respected.  Nobody will mess with you until you are finished.  When your goggles and your fins fit just right, and you groove into the sound of your own exhalation under the water, all is bliss.  Once a good level of competence is achieved it is easy to increase stamina in the pool without risking injury.  In fact, I can think of no negative side effects associated with learning to swim.  Are you a strong swimmer, gentle reader?  How did you learn?

Recovery in the Deep End

August 9, 2014 10 Comments


When I go to the pool to play I follow no set of exercises.  I generally go to the deep end and do a lot of twisting and large movements.  To Floatli is to find balance and then play your way to fitness and sporty fun.  Right now I have injured my foot by walking too much on holiday. It only hurts when I put weight on it, so the deep end is the place for me.  I can still enjoy full range of motion (and beyond what gravity will allow) while keeping that tired tendon in my foot from overworking while it heals.  I was getting kind of cranky on the last few days of my vacation when my aching feet slowed down my pace and I was away from my pool that I love so much.  Water is both healing and soothing.  The deep end of the pool is a lot like the deep end of life.  It is best to know when you can handle depth, and when it is a good idea to stay in the shallow end of things.  I am happy and lucky to have my own private deep end to use as I see fit.  It keeps my mood up while I recover full use of my footsies.  Gravity is fine, but has limits, especially if we are injured.  What do you like to do when your body needs to heal?

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