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Digesting the Past

January 20, 2016 2 Comments

fermenting beverages

fermenting beverages

Our bodies alert us to imbalance and disease long before a diagnosis can be made.  I have always had excellent digestion, but a couple of years ago I had to make some dietary changes to stem some new symptoms I had acquired in my digestive tract. My thermogram showed inflammation all along the digestive system, but the real issue was that I felt bad.  I had become a burping bubbling mess.  I eliminated wine and beer, which made a huge difference in the problem.  I also decreased, but did not totally stop, my consumption of bread.  These changes, together with some attention to adding the foods that heal the spleen, helped me conquer my indigestion.

During the time I was studying my spiritual path as it coincided with all this unexpected indigestion in my body. I believe there is always some soul element of every physical manifestation.  Indeed, I had unresolved, undigested issues about my home and environment that had serious consequences. Stress from trying unsuccessfully to put a stop to crime in our neighborhood had become a permanent drag.  I was really sick and tired of reporting crime with no response and no effort made by authorities to stop it.  The culture of willful blindness had won the day, and no progress was possible.  Now there is a breakthrough!!!

This week our new police chief, Chris Magnus, starts his job running the Tucson Police Department.  I have very high hopes that his new energy will uplift the community and bring people together to improve conditions in our Tucson  neighborhoods.  His reputation for community policing and success in reducing violence precedes him.  We need to improve the working relationship between the cops and the citizens here.  His experience should prove very valuable to improve the culture of TPD.

My new hobby is fermenting raw foods.  I have tried concocting several beverages that are super simple to make and taste great.  They have the added benefit of probiotic culture which boosts immunity and assists digestion.  Over time the healthy bacteria growing in my beautiful beverages will improve my health, but for now I just love the flavors.  At the moment I am fermenting some red cabbage kraut juice, a batch of swizzle, and a batch of ginger beer.  When the ginger beer is ready I want to try a second fermentation to add more fizz.  The possibilities of delicious new ways to digest the past are endless.  Here are directions for you if you want to try making your own switchel, packed with electrolytes from the apple cider vinegar. To your health, gentle reader!!!

Intended Consequences

July 16, 2012

When the separate fluid streams in life..your athletic stream, your family stream, your professional stream, your fashion stream, and infinitely tiny streams of all kinds are all running in different directions, you live in the delta of waste. Running from one separate watershed to the next must mean that all the others are ignored to concentrate on a single stream of activity or thought for a period of time.  The downstream result of so many running but untended sources is flooding.  How does a flash flood of misdirection make itself known?  There are warning signs when one becomes unable to tend all the investments that have been made.  There may be dramatic messages from others who either blame you or encourage you to continue to loose focus.  There is cultural agreement that society is in general unhealthy and overextended which seems to act as an alibi for lack of consciousness.  Stress is blamed, nurtured, managed, and released according to one’s ability to coordinate life’s diverse responsibilities.

If you been and ended your days differently, how could you asses your situation with more calmness and effectiveness?  The “thesis” of the day can be set like a 500 word paper, outlined with some organizational points, and some focus is added.  The end of the day can feature a brief review to notice if and how the theme of the day has been carried out or not.  From Leonardo da Vinci to Ben Franklin the creative among us have devised systems to do this kind of intention setting followed by a scientific measurement of success.   We can all benefit from a system that allows us to know ourselves and the different roles we play in our own liberation and happiness.

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