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Saturn Stations Direct

August 24, 2017 1 Comment

Saturn stations direct today, the 25th, in Sagittarius, releasing us from the cycle; this either opens the floodgates, allowing forward progress and bringing an end to the most egregious obstacles in our path, or we suddenly find barriers materialized before us, progress halted, sometimes for no reason we can point to, other times by some […]

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April 3, 2015 3 Comments

thorny issues

thorny issues

Renew  belief in daily magic and mystical retreat
Throw caution over the cliff into the turgid water far below
If time waits and your ideals simmer on low heat for too long
Regret and confiscated creativity will overshadow your talents

Hourglass of weakening resolve spills multi colored sands
Through the narrow opening, sliding down toward eternity
With clear, smooth and unequivocably final gravitas

NaPoWriMo 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015

Find poetry fun all month here.

Time and the Trickster Archetype

December 26, 2013 8 Comments

How is your relationship with time?  A busy, rattled life may or may not bring satisfaction. One thing it can’t bring is free time. This is a gift you must find for yourself.  How can we define free time?  Is it doing something that is free of cost?  Is it free form, without a preconceived schedule or goal?  Is it free from all previous habits and delusional thinking?  Clearing the schedule involves being clear about priorities.  Find time in your life by observing carefully what happens to your time.

  • Schedule practice times for skills you want to improve
  • Budget time to find new pleasures
  • Eliminate time spent in unhappy pursuits
  • Liberate one day a week to do things differently
  • Examine the trickster in your emotional landscape
  • Learn a meditation practice to follow

It is time to plant the seeds to be harvested later.  Contemplative use of time and seasons brings meaning and depth to daily life.  Without perspective we often fall deeply into habitual use of time that is both wasteful and depressing.  The spark of new joy can be consciously brought into being by doing things differently on a regular basis.  This can be as simple as taking a new path to work, trying a new food, an art gallery, or activity.  It is not important to spend money to change the habitual use of time; It is important to notice how much time is invested in unhappy activities.  We can distinguish between duties that are unpleasant and bad habits by confronting the inner trickster who will always identify with your shadow instincts.  The trickster inhabits the emotional territory enforcing crazy concepts that keep you stuck in emotional sludge.  Look for a tendency to make excuses and flake out on your own best intentions.  Meditation is the remedy for trickster tendencies, because it clears the mind allowing spacious, free time.

We have a finite amount of time, and once it has been spent in one way, it can never be retrieved or recycled.  As the new year approaches, why not take a new look at time and happiness?  They are closely related.

Defining Waste

December 8, 2013

During this December of deletion it has become abundantly clear to me that waste of all kinds can be nipped in the bud by simply defining it.  I, for instance, have not been willing to admit that owning 5 times more clothing than can be worn in a year is wasteful. Hoarding and waste are the exactly same thing, but hoarding is waste without boundaries . This shocking realization has deep meaning in my closet, in my office, in my kitchen, my garden, my barn, and even in my social life.  The most notable waste that can be eliminated is time spent seeking more acquisitions.  If you don’t need anything, is it not a waste of your time to go around trying to mindlessly acquire something, just to be consuming?  Even more devastating to my health and happiness is allotting my space to extra junk. I pay taxes, insurance, and utility bills to basically own the space in which I keep all my gear.  Although I am not approaching the level of the hoarding crazy people on reality television, I see no reason to continue owning extra stuff I never use. I now define that as a waste of my time, energy, and space.  As the hoarder in the video explains, the junk is like a barrier or a wall created to hide himself from the world.  All possessions can be treated as self-limiting boundaries, from your Mercedes to your expensive signature haircut.  Marketing is the process of changing the desires of the people to match what is available in the marketplace.  In itself, it is not evil.  Something has changed our attitudes about consuming to the detriment of our society and economy.  We are building a landfill to heaven.

When I was a child we never thought of wasting energy, or carbon footprints, or even about world peace.  I grew up in an industrial era during which producing goods and shipping them around the world was exciting and considered to be the highest and best use of time and resources.  Owning things was very important to my parents.  Pride of ownership was a distinct value they impressed upon me.  They were both very seriously into wardrobe, theirs and mine.  They had super high standards for tidiness and order that would not allow them to acquire more stuff than they could store.  The material world was in balance because they did not mistake quantity for quality.  I rejected their materialistic version of reality, but ended up with plenty of material goods anyhow.   It is time to examine, eliminate, and most importantly be vigilant about portions.  Time, interest, talent, and resources need to be spent in the right proportion.  As we head into the darkest time of the year it is my goal to emerge with a highly organized and clear space.  There is much to do.

Space, Time, Alchemy

January 19, 2013 3 Comments

Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy is the act of transformation.  Throughout history the alchemists have studied nature and mystery.  We participate in alchemy when we focus our spiritual talents on the elements of the earth.  Inventors and those who are especially creative tap into alchemy to turn imagination into reality.  It has been associated with medicine, but all science is the realm of the alchemist. Carl Jung brought alchemy and archetypes into psychiatry.  The collective consciousness communicates through symbols and dreams.  The alchemists, like wizards and magicians, use mythical power to transform or create.

Our time and space are literally created and projected by us.  We are active participants in our entire experience of reality.  My favorite alchemist in history is the Swiss Paracelsus, who practiced medicine and magic at the same time.  He was searching for the Christian version of pagan natural magic.  He promoted Jacob Boehme’s Doctrine of Signatures, a spiritual belief that plants are designed to communicate their healing properties to man.  His work was both controversial and respected during his lifetime.  What distinguishes the alchemist from a wizard or magician is a constant experiment.  The science of chemistry was developed from the  never ending experiments of the alchemists.

If you could focus your spiritual energy on nature to transform your life, what would you transform?  If you were to focus do you think you could change the quality of your experience?

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