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Trickster Archetype

September 24, 2013 ,

The trickster is a character popular in many ancient mythical stories. This archetype pranks us and fools us in various ways.  Like all of the Sacred Contracts, our interactions with this particular role will continue until we finally recognize the trick.  The joke may be on us, or we may be the joker in the case.  Good natured pranking can be done in a kind spirit; Often the dark side of the trickster misleads and harms the easily duped.  When the joke is recognized as a dark misdeed the trickster is usually nowhere to be found.

I can see a pattern in my life of believing in financial tricksters.  I did not carefully identify or  assess risk to my own finances in my youth.  I was a hedonist on a roll with no fear of failure.  Even now when I believe I have done careful due diligence and consideration I am too lenient and trusting of others.  While I don’t think anyone has been out to get me financially, I could have been surrounded with more trustworthy and helpful folks in my early years.  The very good news is that I have become more cautious.  I investigate potential partnerships and investments with much more vigor than I did in the past.  I have some residual financial damage that keeps me vigilant today for any possible tricksters at work in my life.  I hope I am all done with them.  I can’t afford to be around them.  If you have been tricked by tricksters were they stealing love, money, security, or all of the above?

What do you think?

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the trickster.. we have a few of these in our family.. I am definitely a bit of prankster.. but with caution!! I love you assessment of the different tricksters in society!!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 26, 2013

I’m trying to imagine a hedonistic pamela! you seem so spiritual now. Maybe it’s a coming of age


September 28, 2013

O my dear, the hedonist is completely in charge..but I may be more complex now.. and fruity..



September 28, 2013

My tricksters have always been in the areas of love


Reading the Venus retro information from Dr. Loretta was interesting to me, Heather, because there is an old romantic flame appearing now..both sun and Venus in my chart are in Aquarius..hmmmm…tricky!!!



December 26, 2013

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