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#Hashtag It

September 26, 2013 , ,



Those who do not use the blue bird for communication often say some amusing things about twitter. What is funnier is reading twitter streams to feel the pulse of the twittaverse.  I recommend @Pontifex to any twitter beginner just to get the feel of the thing.  I tweet less than I did when I first began to explore the possibilities of twitter. I have not joined a chat for months, but leave that option open for the future.  I do still enjoy joking and being silly with other silly tweeps, but spend less time engaged in #sillyhashtagfun.  I recently tried to explain the use of hashtags to my neighbor but I failed miserably.  Now I will be able to send her this video clip so she can understand fully the grave importance of #hashtagging and tweeting itself.

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I LOVED that video…….. I even posted @enoughwiththehashtagsalready tag to something.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

September 27, 2013

I laughed for a while since I had just attempted to explain the hashtag itself



September 28, 2013

lol! VERY funny. and we do! we all do it!


September 29, 2013

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