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#WeekendCoffeeShare Harvest Time

September 17, 2017 3 Comments

reaping what you clone

reaping what you clone

If we were having coffee this weekend in Tucson I would still be pouring iced beverages for both of us. We finally have a bit of a cold front easing us into the fall season. We had a wacky weather year, and many of the plants are confused. One of my jasmines is blooming again, but my lemon tree dropped all the fruit. I am selling my most productive trees, grapefruit and calamondin, in the lot across the street. I am sure I can strike a deal to buy some of the citrus crop because there are way too many for one family to handle. The sale is taking place before real estate taxes are due, which is a fabulous financial bonus.  The family buying it are interesting and cool.  They seem like they will make great neighbors.

If we were having iced tea I would try to persuade you to take home a few books, or some art work. The emptying of the barn is taking place for real now. I have a month to do it, but hope to finish before schedule because I have a trip to Phoenix planned for October. I will attend my first cannabis conference and expo at the convention center up there. There are two days of speakers and trade show displays. Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, will be the keynote speaker. I am sure I will learn a lot about the state of the industry.

Our outdoor crop is being harvested now at the grow.  I think it is really fun to work outside for a while.  I get tired of the fluorescent lighting indoors.  It is nice to have fresh air and natural light for a change. We have a shade cover to protect our skin. The flowers are big and tight, so the growers can take pride in the final product.  It is a happy time for all participants.  The harvest will continue for months, I think. Perhaps the best news about work is that a tortilla company has bought the building next door to ours.  They will set up a tortilla factory there.  We will soon be the best smelling neighborhood in the world.

Please allow me to pour you another glass of iced tea while you tell me how your writing is going.  I have little to say about my own.  My excuse for low levels of production is that I have to focus on the barn cleaning before all else.  I have done it for a couple of hours today, and will return to the task later this afternoon. I believe when it is all finished my muse will be happy and inspired to create. I have been listening to books on audible more than writing anything myself.  Are you feeling inspired lately?

The linky is down in New Orleans this week.  Our hostess Diana at PartTimeMonster graciously holds the party when her internet is working. Use the hashtag #WeekendCoffeeShare on twitter to find the action this week.


There’s A Natural Mystic

November 29, 2016 3 Comments

Things are not the way they used to be.  I wonder what Bob Marley thinks about the recent elections legalizing recreational weed in many states.  Bob died young, and it must be noted he died from lung cancer.  He may have used too much.  Peter Tosh did some serious lobbying for legalization in the states before he passed his last spleef.  He and some of his friends were shot at home by an associate who was a house guest.  Something went terribly wrong there, for sure.  Bunny Wailer and Beverly Kelso are the only living members who survive from the band.  The three young musicians, Bob, Peter, and Bunny took their stage names and formed a ska band that evolved into the pioneer sound in reggae. Jamaica was a rough place to grow up, and they were well acquainted with persecution. They were believers in ganja as a religious sacrament. They believed everyone has a right to grow and smoke it regardless of the local laws.

Arizona has legal medical, but in the last election rejected recreational use by a slim margin.  With our long border and popular pathways for smugglers I think our state actually supports the Sinaloa cartel by keeping the black market open for their crappy product.  They are not nice people, and I do not like my state to enable their business activities. I believe we need to grow our own and shut them out of the weed market in the United States.  In that respect I am all about patrolling the borders to close the loopholes and corruption that keeps the flow of Mexican dirt weed running.  If they focused on keeping the dirt weed out at the border, they would, as a side effect, keep the most undesirable of all persons out, the sellers of that drek.

I think it is a business and taxation decision that will soon convince the whole country to legalize cannabis.  I am surprised it has taken this long to come to this point.  I doubt that the Wailers are proud of our progress toward equal rights and justice.  We know how that war on drugs has damaged our equal rights in America.  What we need is a war specifically on Mexican dirt weed rather than on Americans who smoke.  The winds of change have arrived.  There’s a natural mystic blowing through the air.

Young Wailers

Young Wailers


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