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There’s A Natural Mystic

November 29, 2016 , , , , ,

Things are not the way they used to be.  I wonder what Bob Marley thinks about the recent elections legalizing recreational weed in many states.  Bob died young, and it must be noted he died from lung cancer.  He may have used too much.  Peter Tosh did some serious lobbying for legalization in the states before he passed his last spleef.  He and some of his friends were shot at home by an associate who was a house guest.  Something went terribly wrong there, for sure.  Bunny Wailer and Beverly Kelso are the only living members who survive from the band.  The three young musicians, Bob, Peter, and Bunny took their stage names and formed a ska band that evolved into the pioneer sound in reggae. Jamaica was a rough place to grow up, and they were well acquainted with persecution. They were believers in ganja as a religious sacrament. They believed everyone has a right to grow and smoke it regardless of the local laws.

Arizona has legal medical, but in the last election rejected recreational use by a slim margin.  With our long border and popular pathways for smugglers I think our state actually supports the Sinaloa cartel by keeping the black market open for their crappy product.  They are not nice people, and I do not like my state to enable their business activities. I believe we need to grow our own and shut them out of the weed market in the United States.  In that respect I am all about patrolling the borders to close the loopholes and corruption that keeps the flow of Mexican dirt weed running.  If they focused on keeping the dirt weed out at the border, they would, as a side effect, keep the most undesirable of all persons out, the sellers of that drek.

I think it is a business and taxation decision that will soon convince the whole country to legalize cannabis.  I am surprised it has taken this long to come to this point.  I doubt that the Wailers are proud of our progress toward equal rights and justice.  We know how that war on drugs has damaged our equal rights in America.  What we need is a war specifically on Mexican dirt weed rather than on Americans who smoke.  The winds of change have arrived.  There’s a natural mystic blowing through the air.

Young Wailers

Young Wailers


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Bob Marley did not die of lung cancer he had Melanoma – skin cancer



November 29, 2016

Thanks, I stand corrected.


Pamela Morse

November 29, 2016

California passed the law. Lots of cities are implementing extra taxes. It’s not a bad thing.. it just needs to be monitored.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 7, 2016

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