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#NaPoWriMo2018 Nature Speaks

April 1, 2018

Placing emphasis on the response we linger over words
That will pass over the heads and minds of others
The spark of imagination was kindled by the firebird
The same mythical phoenix that spoke to our mothers
Our native tongue has been twisted, distorted by lies
It is up to us to bring back the language of the skies



This is the first day of National Poetry Writing Month.  I write 30 poems in 30 days each April to honor my famous ancestor poets.  Join the fun with poets from all over the world here.  Read, write, rap, and have some fun with words this month!!!



The Feline Monastery

April 25, 2016 1 Comment

Sitting pretty on the seat of orthodoxy the cat clergy ties the knot

Between radio-active caliche under the surface and the litter box

Declawed surrealism flows down the drain thickening the plot

Like a hairball flushed surreptitiously past inevitable paradox

Plunger of monasticism, spigot of liturgy turned on full blast

Jungle cat spirits haunt the souls of the monks praying for lost power

Canonization conflicts with basic instincts consistent with the past

Sainthood and survival exist as an experiment in imagination’s tower



This poem needed to be left overnight to simmer.  I took the prompt yesterday to make separate lists of words that are too fancy to be in a poem and others too mundane.  I made the list of words yesterday but the poem did not percolate.  The combination, after sleep, is the poem above..kind of a surprise.  Surprise yourself this April at #NaPoWriMo where you will find an abundance of poetry.

Progress, #ROW80

January 21, 2015 4 Comments



I had a conversation this week with my shiatsu therapist during my dreamy treatment. We discussed the rise of coaching of all kinds and the trend toward using these services. He commented that the sports analogy does not fit for him and is annoying. I had not considered that, but it does conjure up an image of an athletic coach. Why do those with extra cash spend it to be directed and held responsible in their own lives? I think it is very similar to the fad of personal training in the gym that is still popular. I do not argue that teaching and training is a silly idea. We need instruction and explanation. We also need to develop our own system of discipline and practice. I could certainly benefit from some training in writing. For now, I am very happy to be involved in Round of Words in 80 Days because the exchange with other participants functions to hold everyone responsible. We are the coach because we set our goals and track them. It is brilliant!

To create a new habit and stick to it the magic time is 40 days. After 40 days the new practice will be part of a routine that seems natural. I have only skipped one day in my poetry writing because I set my goal publicly and said I would report my progress. I have a vision of angels singing rounds in Latin in a gothic cathedral. The pun, Round of Words, has become a vivid picture of words aloft being sung by a choir…in rounds. The Latin is, no doubt, a bow to word derivation and perhaps to the Roman pantheon. These small and delicate word angels remind me that I must choose some words and make poetry until I am well established in the habit of dwelling on words. I know full well that to master anything from hula hoop to Hebrew, one must first do that thing very badly. It does not matter how bad or how long it takes, the point is that it is impossible to learn a skill you have not practiced.

Since our commitment to the process is scheduled to last twice as long as needed for habit making I expect this to be very effective.  I told my therapist about this group and how much I appreciate it.  I explained that for me it is like ski school.  It feels reassuring to see your fellow students fall, as well as succeed in lessons because it shows that we all need to practice.  I also told him how impressed I am with some of the writers who are managing big expectations for various writing projects while finishing a crochet scarf or training for running a marathon.  Everyone is basically more ambitious than I am, so I can sincerely praise and look up to those with more difficult goals.  I just want to write poetry to get better at it.  I have set no number of words or other standards for myself.  To those of you who are whipping out thousands of words a day, I salute you.  I enjoy learning about your process and am inspired to try some of the stuff you do.  I feel successful simply being in a writing group.  It may even lead me to take a workshop at the Poetry Center, which couldn’t hurt.  Thanks for the words, gentle writers.  I appreciate your inspiration.

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