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The Feline Monastery

April 25, 2016 , , ,

Sitting pretty on the seat of orthodoxy the cat clergy ties the knot

Between radio-active caliche under the surface and the litter box

Declawed surrealism flows down the drain thickening the plot

Like a hairball flushed surreptitiously past inevitable paradox

Plunger of monasticism, spigot of liturgy turned on full blast

Jungle cat spirits haunt the souls of the monks praying for lost power

Canonization conflicts with basic instincts consistent with the past

Sainthood and survival exist as an experiment in imagination’s tower



This poem needed to be left overnight to simmer.  I took the prompt yesterday to make separate lists of words that are too fancy to be in a poem and others too mundane.  I made the list of words yesterday but the poem did not percolate.  The combination, after sleep, is the poem above..kind of a surprise.  Surprise yourself this April at #NaPoWriMo where you will find an abundance of poetry.

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The poetry gets tighter and more insightful, the photos are fabulous and reflect your themes. What’s not to love?


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 29, 2016

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