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Intelligence vs Negligence

January 4, 2013 , , , ,

We have so much negligence that it is necessary to break it down into its various categories:
Negligence per Se is obvious disregard for regulation that harms society. Criminal negligence is a gross deviation from the risk assessment skills of an average person. Gross negligence is failure to act with the slightest degree of care. Concurrant negligence is a group acting without the slightest degree of care. Obstruction of justice is acting to impede the law enforcement system. Seems a bit blurry, but we all know negligence when we see it.

The Latin root word in question here is about discernment and understanding. Intelligence is the ability to discern clearly, and negligence is sloth, injury and injustice. We do not have so many legal categories for intelligence because it is rare. There are laws, and there is the spirit of the law. Intelligent citizens will make the bureaucracy responsible for negligence of every kind. We pay for this negligence, and I think it is a raw deal. Good management practices eliminate negligence and waste of resources. The status quo looks to me a lot like concurrant negligence.

What do you think?

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Love the opening theme and love the post…so much so I posted it to my business FB page and of course will retweet. When assessing who we work for, who we serve as champions for, who we support in politics, etc., we should consider what behavior he/she consistently demonstrates…ignorance, intelligence, negligence, etc.


Heather Kinzie

January 7, 2013

Thanks, Heather, it does make a difference.



January 7, 2013

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