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Cat and Mouse with the TPD

January 16, 2013 , , , ,

Yesterday I received a call from a lady at the TPD who identified herself as a detective. I told her that I am Nancy Drew and she was dead silent. I asked her if she knew who Nancy is, and she replied in the affirmative. This was the first clue that I had that this lady had called to play cat and mouse, having absolutely no idea that I am a tiger.  She said she was investigating a peeping Tom incident from last year and had heard that I know a lot about  our ‘hood.  This was my second clue.

I have seen the Police Academy movies and think the whole thing looks like a lot of fun.  Something happens to them between those heady days of graduation from the academy and grinding out the day-to-day police reports that goes terribly wrong.  This detective lady called to find out if I am crazy or not.  I let her know, in no uncertain terms, that I am indeed crazy from reporting the same crimes over many years to the TPD, until I am blue in the face.  She asked about crimes in my area, I told her a few facts, and then told her what I thought about working conditions for the cops.  She had no idea how to be the mouse, so she said she was only calling about the peeping Tom last year and would not be able to investigate the other crimes we discussed.  Even Nancy Drew knows there is little point in trying to find out who was peeping last year when we have active full time, already confessed under oath, felonies going on right this minute.  I had to hang up when she asked me to call 911 if I see anything. There is such a thing as insulting the intelligence of the public. These guys should have studied Tom and Jerry back at the academy.

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LOL Pamela…you know what, I’m quite speechless in admiration. I hope you’ll dine out on that call for a while;)


January 19, 2013

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    […] two years in a row.  It was disappointing to say the least.  I was called by a detective who blew off the reports of crimes.  The following year when we petitioned the mayor a Lieutenant on the force called to […]


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