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Providence Party

January 25, 2013 , , , ,

Space and time are the first two elements of fine festivity.  A party, gentle reader, must have room to breathe and become what it wants to be.  One can always have impeccable timing if one takes time to consider the elements and the goals.  My party in Providence, RI is to celebrate with the living and the dead.  I will visit some of my ancestors who lived there in the early 1600’s and discover people who live there now.  For me , this is an excellent balance.  I like both groups equally.

The city contains historic buildings and museums that will please me a great deal, but I have also perceived some excellent night life and party opportunities downtown. I will visit Plymouth Colony, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Wampanoag village before returning to Providence to party.  I will probably need a day to myself in the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, after which I believe I will feel like painting Rhode Island red (a little rooster humor). I love nothing better than historic architecture put to modern artful uses.  I am highly attracted to the whole state because it is so tiny and well preserved. It appears to have fabulous taste and a high fun factor, not to mention a history of wealth and power. I am looking forward to discovering what Providence has in store for me.

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have fun pamela, sounds like a good party to me, albeit quite a gentle one


January 28, 2013

We shall see. I hope to emulate your artfulness in the Little Italy district of dining..and maybe see Anthony Bordain on stage..



January 28, 2013

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