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Do More with Less, Just Add Water

February 24, 2013 , , ,

The eighth core value at Zappos is Do More with Less. This is an essential philosophy to make it in the world now. Using what we already have is a first step to achieve better results. Recent economic bubble popping has shown us how wasteful and risky spending can have dire consequences. As household and government debt grew so did people’s expectations that the prosperity could never end. Now that the economy is reorganized. People look for value and efficiency like never before. Many have embraced thrift over extravagance as a necessity.

Floatli does more with less by versatility. It uses the common floatation noodle, which is easy to replace. Since it works in all kinds of water, including a jacuzzi, it provides a new activity or sport to pools and natural bodies of water. From light to heavy work can be done, by everyone from elite athletes to those recovering from injury. That is another reason Floatli is the perfect official sport for Zappos. It works anywhere there is water, and will be really fun in Lake Mead in summer.

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I like water based exercise, problem is, I don’t like the British weather. When the sun shines I’ll be there


Fiona Maclean (@fionamaclean)

February 25, 2013

I think I would integrate this into my workout routine…only problem is, pools are a little hard to come by in NYC!:-)


Jess @UsedYorkCity

February 25, 2013

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