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The Spa in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania

March 4, 2013 , , ,

I stand corrected about the spa culture in Pennsylvania. It is alive and well in Bedford Springs. The indoor  and outdoor pools are heated with mineral spring water. The hotel, now operated by Omni, is an historic building as well as a health resort from another era. The historic Bedford Springs Hotel was a favorite of many presidents of the US.  The healing waters were taken internally as well as used in bathing. The existence of 8 different sources makes this a very special location. The revival of the hotel to a glorious state of the art facility warms my heart, and will warm my body in September.  I love to visit places that have been in continuous use as health resorts for centuries.  They acquire a certain culture that is always interesting and usually healthy too.

As an historic landmark the hotel building has very specific restoration standards.  They are exacting. A source of water was discovered during the renovation that is known as Spring Eternal.  The new deluxe spa is named after this spring. The large property was purchased by Dr Anderson in 1796 for development as a health center. His approach included diet and exercise as well as use of the healing waters.  The inclusion of local botanicals as well as the spring water is still part of the treatments at the fancy new facility.  I look forward to taking a dip, wishing the live musicians were still playing at the indoor pool. There is even an herbal steam still my heart.

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This sounds inviting. It seems there are a lot of healing springs within the US. Enjoy your Toga party 🙂



March 4, 2013

Thanks, Brigitte. I think there are more in the Rockies and California. It is their fault…



March 4, 2013

I so would love this place!! this sounds amazing


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 5, 2013

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