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Plant Strong

March 3, 2013 , ,

The newest food craze is not called vegetarian, but plant-based diet.  I listened to the interview on Marketplace with the CEO of Veggie Grill who is capitalizing on the trend. I noticed also in the news is the very trendy Engine 2 Diet in which real firemen show you how to quit eating meat.  Firefighters are known to enjoy good food and being fit, so this image gets the attention of guys.  I love all the new recipes and products one can try on the market.  I even love the boot camps the Engine 2 peeps do at farms. The mother of them all will take place in New York in August.  It will be called…you will not believe it…Plant stock.  It will be followed be the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

Drugs are not the alternative now, since everyone is on prescriptions for virtually any small annoyance.  Everyone is on drugs, so the alternative culture to take the stage for the youth today is raw vegan health food.  Who would ever have thought this would happen?  We should have known something was up when Bill Clinton became a vegan.  I have been mostly vegetarian since 1969, with a few fishes eaten in the late 1970s.  Frequently when fads catch up to me I  drop them because it is dull by the time everyone does it.    This time I am crazy about the fad, and embrace the young hippies with all their kale and juicers.  They have a good idea, and it is catchy.  I wish them luck as they try to make food last for the next set of eaters.

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So what’s the difference between vegetarian and plant-based diet?;-) Those juice places and cleanses are popping up all over the place in NYC, and even as a vegetarian, haven’t convinced myself to jump on that bandwagon yet.


Jess @UsedYorkCity

March 4, 2013

Do not jump, Jess. It is marketing processed foods..It is interesting that big strong firemen are plant based rather than sissy vegetarians…they mean vegan I guess. I am Lacto ovo veg, easy in the Lacto ovo.



March 4, 2013

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