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Frankfort Mineral Springs, Pennsylvania

March 3, 2013 , , ,

Investigating the possibilities to spa down in Pennsylvania, the past appeals to me much more than the present. The current favorite for PA visitors is the Hotel at Hershey which has many chocolate ways to do body treatments. Oh dear, was that ever not what I had in mind. I looked for hot springs, which are almost non existent. The one that served as a health spa is now part of a state park near Pittsburgh. In the 1800s it was all the rage to take the waters and seek health in Beaver County. I wish my class reunion in Oakmont could end with a month of water taking, but, alas, that was a different century.   This spring was closed in 1912.  The lodge burned down in 1932 and was closed for good. The ghost people like it.  If my own ancestors had been there I might be more into the hauntedness.  What I am seeking is a big pool full of hot mineral water.  This does not seem to exist.  It looks like the only ones who do spa rituals in Pennsylvania are dead people and folks for whom chocolate is a travel destination…very interesting.

early sketch

early sketch

state park

state park


Beaver County Landmark


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