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Rebel Archetype

March 2, 2013 , ,


If I am classified by others I imagine the rebel archetype is used liberally.  I have both cast myself in this role, and have been asked to play it.  Rebels are catalysts for change.  They reject conformity.  Steve Jobs made the misfits trendy and to disrupt is now an honored business method.  Disobedience or disrespect of authority is not as evil as we are taught by those same authorities.  Revolutions are brought about in all corners of the earth by people who are willing to risk and step outside the norm.

Many revolutions in history have been brutal and angry, while some of the grandest have been almost sneaky.  The digital revolution has a cutting edge that must be driven by rebels because it takes that  spirit to continually disrupt and change the current methods.  We may soon have Google glasses and internet TV at home because of the rebellious among us.  I have to tend my own rebel, who does not do homework, who procrastinates, and who takes shortcuts.  She is not terribly evil, but she does give my teacher archetype a whole lot of flack. If I have an internal war, it is between this teacher and this rebel.  They are both persuasive and have great achievements to show for their particular philosophy.  Both study and patience and completely out of the ordinary gambles have worked out for me.  I need to honor them both because they are sticking with me for the rest of the flight, it seems. The rebel must be unleashed with care and proper consideration for best effect.

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Rebellion is one of the 7 triggers of Fascination. People are attracted to others with rebellious ideas.


Marc Zazeela

May 6, 2013

Some are, many are terrified, secretly or overtly. I wish I would do my homework.



May 6, 2013

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