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Sir Walter Ogilvy, 19th Great-Grandfather

April 15, 2013 , ,

Clan Ogilvy tartan

Clan Ogilvy tartan

Sir Walter was a sheriff who died in a battle. This was more or less natural life in Scotland in the middle ages.  They had a very bellicose existence.

SIR WALTER OGILVY OF AUCHTERHOUSE, Knight, Sheriff of Angus. He is designed ‘Walter of Ogylwy miles’ in a charter by Thomas Sybald of Moneythin to Andrew Petcary of the lands of Monethin about 1368. On 24 October 1385 he had a grant from KingRobert II. of an annualrent out of the lands of Kyngaltny.
He was Sheriff of Angus before 1380. Douglas and Crawford state that he obtained the office by his marriage with Isabel Ramsay, daughter and heiress of Sir Malcolm Ramsay, Lord of Auchterhouse, but give no authority for their statement, and some doubt is cast upon it by a confirmation by King James III., 18 February 1482-3, of a charter by the late Alexander of Ogilvy, Sheriff of Forfar, of the lands of Balkery to his sister Matilda of Ramsay, relict of William of Fenton: the date of the original charter is therein stated to be at Auchterhouse, 21 August 1488, which is impossible, and is most probably a mistranscription of 1388, one of the witnesses being Sir David Lindesay of Glenesk, who was created Earl of Crawford in 1398.
Sir Walter Ogilvy’s mother’s name is unknown. Sir Walter of Lichtoun, who was killed along with him, is called his uterine brother. He was killed at the battle of Glenbrierachan or Glasklune in 1392 repelling an inroad of Highlandmen, and is celebrated by the chronicler Wyntoun as ‘stout and manfull, bauld and wycht,’ and as ‘Godlike, wis, and wertuous.

Sir Walter of Auchterhouse Ogilvy (1347 – 1391)

is my 19th great grandfather
son of Sir Walter of Auchterhouse Ogilvy
daughter of Walter Ogilvy
daughter of Isabel Ogilvie
daughter of Elizabeth Kennedy
daughter of Isabella Vaus
daughter of Marion Accarson
daughter of Catherine Gordon
son of Lady Elizabeth Ashton
son of Capt Roger Dudley
daughter of Gov Thomas Dudley
son of Anne Dudley
daughter of John Bradstreet
son of Mercy Bradstreet
daughter of Caleb Hazen
daughter of Mercy Hazen
son of Martha Mead
son of Abner Morse
son of Daniel Rowland Morse
son of Jason A Morse
son of Ernest Abner Morse
I am the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

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wow.. back that far? that’s an incredible geneaology!!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

April 16, 2013

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