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Christopher Lynn Foster, 13th Great Grandfather

May 25, 2013 , , ,

Forster Coat of Arms

Forster Coat of Arms

My 13 Great Grandfather was born in England and died in Long Island. He came to America at the age of about 35.  He was a founder of the town of Lynn,MA before moving to New York.

Christopher Foster — He came from England in the “Abigail”, in 1635, age 32, with his wife Frances, age 25, and children Rebecca, Nathaniel, and John.  The “Abigail” embarked from London, June 4, 1635 and arrived in Boston about Oct. 8, 1635 with small pox aboard. He was made Freeman in Boston, April 17, 1637.  In the same year, he was a resident of Lynn, MA, where in 1638, sixty acres of land were alloted to him. He came to Southampton in 1651. He had a previous spouse name unknown who died in 1628.  Sally’ s Family Place-Wheeler  Christopher Foster was born in July 1603 (Ewell, Surrey, England);  He married there 24 Dec 1628 Frances Stevens, born 1 July 1610 daughter of Alice Stevens (will 1645) of Ewell in Surrey, England.  Chrostopher Foster styled himself a husbandman on his shipping, embarked in London, June 17, 1635 in the “Abigail.”  “In the Abigail from the minister of their conformitie and from the Justices, that they are no susidy men.  Christopher foster ae 32, Bxofr ffrancis ffoster ae 25, Rabecca ffoster ae 5, Nathaniel ffoster ae 2, Jo, ffoster ae1, Alice Steevens 11, Tho Steevens 12. New pp.  C. E. Banks in the book Planter of the Commonwealth, “which traces 2,646 emigrants to America for whom there is a clear record says that Christoper Fostrer was a “husbandman (farmer) of Ewell, County Surrey,” and that Alice Stevens was “probably sister of Mrs. Foster.”  He adds the following about the “Abigail” on which others of the passengers were John Winthrop Jr. age 27 and his wife Elizabeth and son Deane.  “Abigail of London, Richard Hackwell, Master.  She listed passengers fo New England from June 4 until July 24, and sailed from Plymouth as her last port of departure about Aug 1, with two hundred and twenty persons aboard, and many cattle.  She arrived in Boston about Oct. 8, 1635, infected with smallpox.  among those coming in this ship, but not listed, were Sir Henry Vane, son and heir to Sir Henry Vane, Comptroller of the King’s Household, traveling incognite, the Revernd Hugh Peter, pastor of the English Church at Rotterdam, and the Reverend John Wilson, who was returning to Boston, with his wife, hr first appearance in New England.  They were part of the Puritan migration and Hugh Peters, later Cromwell’s chaplain, was on the same ship and helped form the church congregation to which Christopher belonged.  Some of the passengers with Christopher Foster are also connected to Sir Thomas Foster.  Sir Henry Vane’s son who is the Comptroller of the King’s Household is connected to Sir Thomas Foster household because of the Comtroller for King Henry VIII is entombed next to Sir Thomas Foster.  This is amking a clear connection to the royal family especially with Governor Winthrop’s son aboard also and Christopher Foster with them.  Further Info on Christopher: He was made a freeman at Boston (or Lynn) April 17 1637.  In the same year he was a resident of Lynn where in 1638 sixty acres were allotted to him.  At one time, the Fosters lived in Nahant St., Lynn.  In 1647, he went to Hempstead, and then to Southampton in 1650, both in New York.  In October of 1650, we find him as a townsman or selectman to manage the affairs of the town, being one of the 41 propietors.  He mny have been part of the originlal Lynn group that setled Southampton LI; Christopher first appears in records of Southampton in 1651 and he was living there in 1670.   His son Nathaniel removed to Hungington LI and their resided.  Christopher Foster died 1687; he resided Lynn, MA. and Southamptoin LI (Long Island, NY).

Christopher Lynn Foster (1603 – 1687)
is my 13th great grandfather
John Christopher Foster (1634 – 1687)
son of Christopher Lynn Foster
Rachel Foster (1675 – 1751)
daughter of John Christopher Foster
Abraham Sr Reeves (1699 – 1761)
son of Rachel Foster
Hannah Reeves (1720 – 1769)
daughter of Abraham Sr Reeves
John McGilliard Jr (1759 – 1832)
son of Hannah Reeves
John McGilliard III (1788 – 1878)
son of John McGilliard Jr
Mary McGill (1804 – 1898)
daughter of John McGilliard III
John Wright (1800 – 1870)
son of Mary McGill
Mary Wright (1814 – 1873)
daughter of John Wright
Emiline P Nicholls (1837 – )
daughter of Mary Wright
Harriet Peterson (1856 – 1933)
daughter of Emiline P Nicholls
Sarah Helena Byrne (1878 – 1962)
daughter of Harriet Peterson
Olga Fern Scott (1897 – 1968)
daughter of Sarah Helena Byrne
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
son of Olga Fern Scott
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

He first came to Boston, where he was a Freemen on 17 April 1637. In 1638, he moved to Lynn, Massachusetts. In 1647, he went to Hempstead, and then to Southampton in 1650, both in New York. In October of 1650, we find him as a townsmen or selectmen to manage the affairs of the town, being one of the 41 proprietors.

HISTORY: Christopher Lynn Foster is the son of Sir Knight Thomas Foster (FORSTER). He (Thomas)changed his name because he married a close cousin named Susanna FORSTER. They had the same Great Great Great Grandfather. This family tree goes back to Sir Knight John Forster and Sir Knight Richard Foster. Sir John rode with King Richard I the Lion Heart to Palestine in the late 1100’s. This family was given the Bamburg Castle by Queen Elizabeth I. The family went bankrupt in the 1700 or 1800 hundreds and sold the castle the the Armstrong family of Adderstone, Northumberland, England which is where the castle is located. The FORSTER FAMILY came to England in the 1000 AD time frame to escape the Saxon invasion into Flanders. The Forster family changed from FORESTER (THE FAMILY were the Counts of Flanders) and evolved from the de FORRESTER of Belgium. The de FORRESTER FAMILY was by record the Prince of Dijon, Belgium in 740 AD. The Counts of Flanders (Anacher Great FORESTER, BALWIN I through the V, Arnulf Forester had marriages to Princess of England, Princess of France, Princess of Luxemboroug, etc. One of the Baldwin’s daughters married William the Conquer. Her name was Matilda. (Info received from Leroy Foster Nov 2002)

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am a discendent of Christopher Foster-with an original copy of the family book written by Alonzo Foster-does anyone have info on the family? e-mail


robert ferguson

August 9, 2013

Thanks for visiting Robert. I have derived my tree from info on, and sometimes errors are copied and spread. It is always good to verify the data. To that end I will soon be in Somerset, PA meeting my first pro genealogist on the subject of Mary Wright, who was born there. So, the answer is yes, and I hope to soon know more about this entire line.



August 9, 2013

Very interesting read as I just learned I am also a direct descendant of Christopher Foster through his daughter Rebecca. .



February 11, 2017

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