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Steve Miller, Gangster of Love, Ace Contractor

May 31, 2013 , ,

The windows in my house leaked badly although the contractor, Tucson Window and Door,  reinstalled them 3 times.  Faulty workmanship is not covered by insurance, and if more than 5 years pass there is no recourse at the registrar of contractors.  I had a big problem that would only become worse if I requested a 4th reinstallation.  I met Steve Miller in my neighborhood while I was walking my dog.  I talked to him in his own front yard about how nice his home looked, and then I saw his truck with his contractor’s license on the side.  I explained my problem and asked him to bid the repair job.

I am extremely pleased with his work because in the process I became aware of other basic problems I needed to correct.  Now my condo walls are actually anchored to my foundation!!!  I am the only one in my neighborhood with a second floor that is no longer blowing in the wind.The stucco job looks excellent, and the way they solved the window problem was brilliant.  I am ready for a rainy season this year with no leaks at all. If you need a construction expert in Tucson who is professional, punctual, and polite, call Steve at SHM Construction.  He is creative and smart about building and materials. His talented sidekick Geraldo does fine work and is lots of fun to have around the house.  I have done many construction projects, and have never worked with such an amiable crew.

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