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Randall Holt, 10th Great-Grandfather

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Seal of Jamestown

Seal of Jamestown

Randall Holt was born in Cheshire, England.  His son John killed himself in Virginia, which made a big fat mess.  Queen Anne stepped in to save his land for his family.
RANDALL HOLT (1607 – 1650)
is my 10th great grandfather
Randolph Holt (1638 – 1679)
John Holt (1664 – 1705)
son of Randolph Holt
David Holt (1685 – 1749)
son of John Holt
Sarah Holt (1740 – 1792)
daughter of David Holt
James Truly (1755 – 1816)
son of Sarah Holt
Elizabeth Betsy Truly Payne Darden (1782 – 1851)
daughter of James Truly
Minerva Truly Darden (1806 – )
daughter of Elizabeth Betsy Truly Payne Darden
Sarah E Hughes (1829 – 1911)
daughter of Minerva Truly Darden
Lucinda Jane Armer (1847 – 1939)
daughter of Sarah E Hughes
George Harvey Taylor (1884 – 1941)
son of Lucinda Jane Armer
Ruby Lee Taylor (1922 – 2008)
daughter of George Harvey Taylor
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Ruby Lee Taylor

Randall Holt probably came to the Jamestown Colony in 1621 onboard the ship George as a young teen as a servant to Dr. John Potts.

Randall Holt was born about 1607 in Prestbury, England, the son of Randall/Randolph and Elizabeth (Pott) Holt, who were wed in the Prestbury church. Randall was probably a nephew of Dr. Pott(s), the Virginia Colony physician who later became governor.

Several Holt family christenings, weddings and burials have taken place at St. Peter’s Church in Prestbury. It is about 700 years old. Nearby in the churchyard there is an even older Norman chapel.

The Randall Holt FamilyRandall Holt’s is the first mention of the Holt family found in the American colonies. The court ordered that upon release from his indenture he was to be given “one suit apparel from head to foot and three barrels of corn.”

Read more at Suite101: Line of Descent from Randall Holt of Virginia: Grandson’s Suicide Prompted the Queen’s Intervention

Randall was released from his indenture in 1625 and in 1628 he married Mary Bailey, who also may have been from Prestbury. It was a fortunate match. She was the sole heir of John Bailey of Hog Island, one of the richest men in the Virginia Colony.

The Bailey Family LegacyThe Council of Jamestown had appointed Robert Evers as Mary’s guardian at her father’s death and ordered that 490 Hog Island acres be deeded to her. Randall and Mary settled on this island in the James River. He added 400 acres to his wife’s property in 1636 and another 400 acres in 1639.

In 1650, Randall Holt Jr. obtained a grant for 1022 Hog Island acres as “son and lawful heir”. He received a major’s commission in the British Colonial forces and was a member of the governing House of Burgesses. In 1668, Randall Holt Jr. was appointed Justice for Surry County. In 1679, the year he died, he was granted a patent for 1,450 acres on Hog Island.

Queen Intervenes to Help Holt DescendantsJohn Holt inherited all the lands his father, Randall Jr., had owned, was listed in the 1687 Cavalry of Surry County, and was granted the right to operate the ferry between Hog Island and the mainland. By 1704, the Holt family owned 2,768 acres in Surry County. Of this, 1,450 acres were controlled by Elizabeth, the widow of Randall Holt Jr. The remainder was owned by the sons of Randall and Elizabeth.

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John Holt committed suicide in 1707. Because suicide was unlawful, his land reverted to the crown. Son David had received a substantial land grant from his grandfather, David Crafford. The other sons—John Jr., Charles, Benjamin and Joseph—attended a court hearing on the matter. The court deposition read that the coroner’s jury found that his estate was forfeited. However, Gov. Edward Nott, representing the Crown, made the finding that “his five surviving children are fit objects of our mercy and compassion” and said Queen Anne had commanded the restoration of their father’s estate to them.

Read more at Suite101: Line of Descent from Randall Holt of Virginia: Grandson’s Suicide Prompted the Queen’s Intervention

Descendants of Randall Holt are eligible for membership in the Jamestowne Society.

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Hi Pamela,
I am, also, a descendant of Betsy Truly and her husband David Darden. I descend from their daughter Ann Eliza Darden. I would love to talk more with you! Please email me at your convenience. I have been looking for your Minerva’s descendants, so I was delighted to run across you!


Daye Dearing

December 6, 2013

Betsy Truly was quite a woman.



December 6, 2013

My name is Robert Clanton. I am a direct descendant of Mary Seward Holt and William Charles Clanton (6th Great- grandparents) through their son, John Clanton Sr.

Mary was the great-granddaughter of Randall Holt I Randall who arrived at Jamestown with Dr. John Potts in the company of the 1st Crown Governor of Virginia, Sir Francis Wyatt aboard the ship George was my ninth Great-grandfather. Mary’s father, William, was the brother of your John who committed suicide.

I agree with most of your post, but strongly suspect that Randall was an apprentice to, and under the guardianship of Dr. Potts, and not an indentured servant.This would have made young Randall a member of his household who would have been obligated to the service of Dr. Potts in return for his care, instead of a common field hand, working off his passage. This may be a technical oversight, but I consider it to be an important one.

As a member of Dr. Potts household, Randall would have had access to some of the most powerful men in the Colony, and although I have no documentary evidence to support this, one only has to look to Randall’s wife, Mary Bailey, to form a reasonable assumption of fact that
Mary Bailey’s father, John (Bayly), an “Ancient Planter” was one of the earliest private land owners in the Colony.

“Ancient Planters”, Those who came to Virginia prior to Thomas Dale’ May,1616 departure, and had lived in the Colony for at least three years(arriving before 1613) were awarded 100 acres of land. Virginia Company investors (at least one share) were entitled to 100 acres plus an additional 100 acres after the first tract was planted.
It is known that “Ancient Planter”, John Rolfe, arrived in Virginia in 1610, that he first cultivated tobacco in 1611, and that he exported his first crop of tobacco in 1614.
It can thus be reasonably assumed that “Ancient Planter”, John Bailey (Bayly), arrived in Virginia between 1610 and 1612.
The headright system was instituted in November 1618, by which another fifty acres could be acquired by underwriting the cost of another person’s (indentured servant) transportation to the Colony and as land patents clearly demonstrate, the new system, fueled by the discovery, by John Rolfe, that tobacco was a highly marketable commodity served as an important stimulus to settlement.

Mary inherited her father’s lands in James Citie, County after he drowned crossing the James River in February of 1620 and by looking at the guardians, surrogates, tenants, and associates, of the young heiress, that they were also some of most powerful, influential, and well-connected people in Virginia.

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Robert Clanton

October 29, 2018

Thanks for the update.


Pamela Morse

October 29, 2018

Randall Holt was my 11x great uncle. What a fascinating history. Thank you so much for gathering this information. We were the side of the family who stayed in England and although I moved away from Cheshire we still have relatives there.



December 17, 2018

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