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Wellness Budget

October 7, 2013 , , ,





Your health is like a bank account. You deposit and withdraw from your inherited constitution.  If you need a loan, there is no place to apply.  Your account, like the number of days you will live, is subject to your habits and practices.  Diminishing returns are built into the model.  Some of us are genetically lucky, while many start life with disadvantages.  Accidents and disasters cause permanent damage, mental and physical.  There is no way to know how much one will need to withdraw due to illness.

Prehabilitation is more cost effective than rehabilitation because once a system is depleted it may never fully recover.  There are ways to make deposits over time that will earn interest.  These reserves affect your immune system and your ability to remain calm under pressure.  Health is your only real wealth, in the words of Dr. Bronner.  Changing lifestyle habits results in changing wellbeing.  We need not aim for perfection, since that in itself is cause for stress.  Logical, simple additions can be made to daily routine that add up to better health in the long run.

  • Rest and sleep adequately
  • Exercise the entire body as much as possible
  • Eat the most natural fresh foods you can find
  • Develop a meditative practice
  • Dance, sing, draw, take photos, or otherwise express your creativity
  • Spend time enjoying friends and family
  • Learn stress reduction techniques to add to your arsenal  of tools
  •  Discover the power of bodywork and other healing modalities

Investments made today will accrue interest as long as you live.

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sound advice…


October 9, 2013

That is a very smart post — which is to remind people that they need to watch their health and take care of themselves!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 13, 2013

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