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I Endorse Deborah Ardell Hill

November 6, 2013 , , ,

I have known Ardell Hill for about 20 years now. We met while working at Canyon Ranch in Tucson.  She was a massage therapist and I was a fitness instructor there.  We  were both active in the 1980’s in public access TV production downtown.  Over the years we have travelled together to many destinations and had some unforgettable experiences.  I admire the way she stays busy educating herself in all the different touch modalities, and now in thermography.  I helped her cut out tiny laminated pancreas and liver pictures to velcro onto the foot chart in class.  I was the lucky model for many a class in LaStone therapy and Stoned Soul, Ardell’s signature reflexology class that includes hot and cold stones on the feet, hands, and ears.  I have enjoyed many hours on the table as the lucky client of her massage practice.  When I visited Oakland recently I was the model for a LaStone class she was giving in her home.  It is fun to be the model because although there is talking during your treatment, you get to learn something about the system along the way as well.

Ardell is knowledgeable as well as intuitively trained to do exquisite bodywork.  If you have a chance to work with her to improve your level of wellness i recommend that you take it.  She has many levels and layers of talent, but all of it leads to a greater understanding of wellness.  She is just about my favorite body worker in the universe.

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sounds like wonderful treatment!


November 7, 2013

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