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Phun in Phoenix

December 16, 2013 , , , ,

There is an arch rivalry between the cities of Phoenix and Tucson. We Tucsonans know that people outside the state have no way to distinguish the two and often confuse them. Politics aside (which would be impossible for Arizonans), there are extreme differences in the tourism and hospitality styles of these two towns.  Tourists are attracted to the golf tournaments in both Maricopa and Pima Counties.  Baseball spring training has all moved up there, and brings in millions. Bowl games and the Phoenix Suns brighten the economic situation for them too.  The typical Tucson tourist is much less interested in shopping and is more likely to be spending time involved in outdoor sports of all kinds. Scottsdale is not afraid to step up and cover that niche offering the shopper from back east a wester phantasy phree phun time. Phree parking in old town allows these people to leave the car and ride around in a horse-drawn wagon for an exorbitant price. Everyone is excited to be way out west.  The city of Scottsdale hires the trusty horse Dusty and Gary J Sprague, the singing cowboy, to serenade the crowd 1-4 on Saturdays. They are a huge hit.

I am inspired to drive to the Valley of the Sun for the phabulous phood scene.  The AZ Slow Food newsletter informed me recently about the existence of a  special highly rare date variety growing only in Scottsdale known as the Black Sphinx.  The market was established in 1951 selling a date that developed there from seed and was distinct from all others. The extremely thin skin makes it a poor candidate (pun intended) for shipping.  The fresh dates require refrigeration and are extremely delicate.  After shopping the Scottsdale Pharmer’s market where I scored amazing produce and preserved items, we visited the date store, which features Arizona products of high gourmet quality.  Bob bought beers brewed in Arizona, one of which was a stout that contained the dates from the Sphinx Pharm.  We both agree the Black Sphinx is the best date we have ever tasted, and before Bob ate it he told me he does not like dates…a convert.  We also tried a very good date cookie and some chocolate covered Medjools that are scrumptious.  We came home loaded with gourmet groceries and exotic citrus.  We have to admit we had phun.

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hehehe that looks such phun! I am getting quite tempted by the idea of spending my avis voucher on a trip to the US to see some of these places!


December 17, 2013

You would look Phabulous in Phoenix Phiona!!



December 20, 2013

this looks like terrific fun. Love the artwork in metal. very very cool!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 22, 2013

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