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Artist Archetype

December 17, 2013 , ,

The artist reaches just beyond the normal senses to bring creation into being.  There is strong motivation and emotion driving the artist to produce.  The medium is not as important as  full artistic expression.  Some of us are not making any money from art, but still live our lives involved with creating.  Cooking, gardening, and all normal day to day tasks can be done in artful ways.  Art truly is in the eye of the beholder; A strong desire to design and deliver creativity to the world is all that is needed to be an artist.

Making a living at art is risky, and yet rewarding.  The starving artist and the crazed genius artist are examples of the shadow aspect of this archetype.  I used to make my living as a potter.  I worked at a school mixing glazes and firing the kiln. I was paid in clay, glazes and firing; I had to turn that into money by selling my work.  I was very good at being  a starving artist and never starved at all.  I remember that time as an extremely abundant phase, full of friends, travel, and unlimited creative freedom.  Clay is a fast medium initially.  Throwing a pot on a wheel is pure zen. It must be centered and formed quickly so the clay body does not get too wet and collapse. The pot must be dried slowly to avoid cracking. The glaze firing is an alchemical process that has slightly different results each time it is done.  From the first time you touch the clay you know that some of your pots will not make it.  If you are lucky the problem occurs when the clay has not been fired, so  you can just turn it into wet clay and try it again.  I used to take finished pots I thought were too ugly to sell out to the desert and shoot them with a 22 pistol to destroy the evidence.  I used to joke that anthropologists in the future will wonder what kind of civilization felt the need to shoot pottery.  I am glad I still have a few pieces I made that have survived, and equally glad I shot the ugly ones.

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I like the analogy – I still have some of my mother’s pots



December 19, 2013

Love the interview of the artist. VERY cool


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 22, 2013

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