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Self Contained, Butterfly Magic in Tucson

March 19, 2014 , , ,

Each year the Tucson Botanical Gardens hosts an orchid, butterfly, and now tropical frog display for the public.  It is popular with families and with me. I enjoy the humid tropical mist on my skin and the fun of watching the butterflies and people.  Yesterday there was a lot of activity.  Kids love to use the magnifying glass, no matter why they see in it.  It is  a small lesson in science, botany, biology, and ecology, adapted for all ages.  Who doesn’t like butterflies?

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That is totally lovely. I love seeing all the butterflies. It’s not warm enough for them here


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 22, 2014

I love butterflies – tropical frogs though? thats a new one for me!



March 23, 2014

They are harder to spot and even more difficult to photograph. The kids love spotting them because they are close to the ground and the frogs have very bright colors.



March 23, 2014

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