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Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh is Going to Win

May 26, 2014 , ,

You did not have to be psychic to know that Ho Chi Mihn would win.  The United States had invaded a country in southeast Asia with no previous relationship with the people of that area.  They had instituted a draft to conscript the youth of America to fight in a war of political insanity.  Many died, many more became embittered and seriously addicted to opiates while fighting in a way made up by old white men to conquer Asia.  Lyndon Johnson stood in the spotlight of this ill-conceived battle to create American supremacy throughout the world.  He was a complete tool of what America stood for in the world…which all the youth of America quickly named bullshit.  I was 17 years old, knew friends who joined the Marines, and found the entire idea despicable.   I could not support this kind of slaughter of youth for the ego of old men in power.  I did not want to sacrifice my high school friends to a stupid, ill-timed, ill-executed war for no reason.

I attended the University of Texas, not far from Johnson City, in 1968.  Some high school friends had willingly joined the military, but more had done what they could to avoid being sent to Asia to kill people.  I had no sympathy for those who thought our job was to police the world and make everyone pretend they are aligned with capitalism.  I had already seen that capitalism and communism at that time were virtually the same thing…state capitalism.  I wore a patch on the ass of my jeans that said war is not healthy for children and other living things, and I meant what I said.  My young ass was not alone in expressing this sentiment.  I have been to the war memorial in Washington,DC…I have been on Rolling Thunder weekend, during which ‘Nam Vets and others ride their bikes around our nation’s capitol to make a statement about defending this stuff.  We do not have to believe in the motives or the politics of those who sent our young people into war to risk for no reason in order to honor the sacrifice made.  Some are just loyal, even if the leadership is unethical and delusional.  They die in large numbers throughout history to defend the popular ideas of a small privileged class.  It is time for the United States of America to give up the role of moral police and defender of status quo in the entire word.  It is time to honor those who serve by not sending them into useless and egotistical battles that defend nothing in the end.  It is time to defend our ethics, out morals and our  compassion, and in so doing defend the lives of those we put in danger.  I marched on Washington and ae a little teargas but when the soldiers came back from Viet Nam, it was obvious they had suffered so much more.  The big drug fling, including opiates, LSD, hashish, and more made the ‘Nam Vets the instant commandos of the drug scene upon return.  They knew much more than civilians could know about drugs.  These people had gone on killing sprees on LSD.  This stuff does not just stop after the battle.  PTSD and all the guilty feelings of being at war in somebody else’s country started in Viet Nam.  The decline of the world’s respect for the United States also initiated with the Viet Nam War.  In Viet Nam that war is known as the American War.

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I wonder what history will deliver. The vietnam war really didn’t hit home here – no brits involved.

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May 26, 2014

The 60’s .. a time that the tv news was always on. The parents and the kids were very visibly distinguishable and there was the great divide ..

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