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May 27, 2014 , ,

Our neighborhood has started to use to reach people in our vicinity. I am very impressed with the results after trying it for just a couple of months.  We have 61 members, or 5% of the homes in our neighborhood participating.  The San Diego Police Department has joined Nextdoor and is using it to inform citizens and get tips.  In Tucson we are not yet so lucky as to have communication from or to the cops, but I believe in time all police departments will see the value in sharing information with the community. In San Diego it was very helpful for informing the public about the recent wildfire problems.   The crime and safety features are excellent, but beyond that people are connecting about common interests such as pets (lost and found), gardening, and yard sales.  There have been some really good offers of free construction materials and plants.

I believe this start up has the potential to improve quality of life in ways we have not yet discovered.  I immediately started a garden club, but am not sure what it will do. I am sure it will not hold flower shows like my mother’s garden club did.  We have met each other and exchanged some plants to break the ice.  Water is precious and expensive around here, so gardeners sharing knowledge and plants could turn out to be very helpful.  I don’t care what kind of garden club we become.  I simply love to know others around me who have some common interests.  I have met some of my long distance contacts on social media, but it required travel and some expense.  Meeting my own neighbors is a bit of a cheap thrill in comparison.  It is very fun for me.

As with all things digital the balance between privacy and safety must be considered.  In order to join one must verify that one lives in the neighborhood.  This becomes tricky because some people don’t want to publish their addresses.  I have just now experienced someone joining with a fake ID that is not known at the address he used.  I can’t imagine what a hacker/prowler would want with our lost cat information, but then again I am not a hacker/prowler.  This issue may be a little sticky, but the benefits outweigh the demerits in my opinion.  Also, the CEO of the company is in a spat about a driving incident in San Mateo which could prove to be a drag for the company’s future.  This case will be handled in California courts, and it does not make me love our Nextdoor site any less.  It is my very strong opinion that is not only the wave of the future for law enforcement but for an elevated standard of life, liberty and the  pursuit of happiness.  Oakland, CA, Pittsburgh,PA, and other cities have partnered with the site.  If you are interested in starting a site for your neighborhood  you only need 10 people to join to qualify for your free website.  Nextdoor will send out free postcards to let your neighbors know about it.  After you invite more people and the membership reaches about 50 it grows organically.  I enthusiastically urge you to give it a try.  If you start a new site and use my code:  we will both receive a $25 Amazon gift card.  What is not to like about that?

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I love this concept. I live in a relatively small area but I don’t know many people. Either we have different schedules or we have different circles of friends. I would like to be connected to more people .. easily.. I understand your sharing about the company but it can survive.

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Oh, I don’t think the issue with the CEO will make a difference. It is a good idea for any part of the country.



June 2, 2014

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