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Grapefruit Magic

July 3, 2014 , , ,

Citrus pardisii

Citrus pardisii

My grapefruit tree is healthy and bears very well for months each winter. We enjoy fresh juice daily from January until about the end of March.  The intoxicating aroma of the blossoms fills the air for about a month in March.  The plant is ruled by the sun, like all citrus fruits. It has zingy, cooling and cleansing properties that are prized by health lovers.  The fruit and the juice are delightful, but the essential oil of grapefruit has very useful qualities.  Buy pure unadulterated oil and store it in the dark because it oxidizes quickly, therefore has  short shelf life.  Using it with a carrier oil, like jojoba, it can be very helpful to warm up and boost circulation.  The benefits of using grapefruit in a massage oil include:

  • ease join pain by stimulating muscles and joints
  • treat congested skin disorders like clogged pores and oily skin
  • diminish water retention and cellulite in specific areas

To use the oil for aromatherapy delivered by inhalation you can use a diffuser or use a few drops straight up on a handkerchief.  The subtle and immediate effects of the inhalation include:

  • headache relief
  • calm nervous tension and stress
  • uplifts the mood in depressing situations

I never get tired of the smell and the flavor of grapefruit.  It makes me happy and nourishes me.  Cocktails made with grapefruit juice are very high on my favorites list as well.  What is your favorite way to experience grapefruit?

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I love grapefruits….. I like how they taste,, what they do. I am going to message you about this aromatherapeutic 411 and the essential oil. (Had no idea about this!)


Mmm … I once camped in an area where the owners of the park planted a grapefruit tree. They invited campers to pick their own and enjoy. And wow … THE best tasting grapefruit that I have ever had. There was absolutely no comparison to the store-bought variety! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! 🙂 You are so lucky!



July 7, 2014

They are better when you can ripen them on the tree. Thanks for stopping by.



July 7, 2014

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