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Flying Leap Vineyards Tasting Room

July 4, 2014 , ,


I had just learned about the #TucsonEatsLocal challenge from the Food Conspiracy when I ran into Cindy as she was about to open the Flying Leap Vineyards tasting room. I decided to step in and taste 6 Arizona wines. The quality has improved over the years, but I have been waiting for Arizona wines to really get good. There is excellent news….they have!! I enjoyed spending time focused on these very well balanced and delicious wines. I tasted:

  • 2012 Verdelho- a white crisp and floral wine produced from Portuguese grapes
  • 2013 Grenache Rose- a rose with more body and complexity than usual fruity, yet dry
  • 2011 Monsoon Red-an alchemical accidental miracle meritage created when they bought a winery, including wines in progress
  • 2009 Sangiovese- aged in oak to create a light and figgy flavor
  • 2011 Head over Heels- a complex meritage with a wide range of high notes and low notes- big vertical drop in flavor
  • 2010 Cabernet Savignon- a smooth and velvety version of this varietal classic
  • 2011 Tempranillo- a rich bright taste profile

All of the wines pleased me in their own way.  The reds, which are really my favorite, had unusually broad flavors.  They could all be drunk by themselves for enjoyment, but would bring out extra pleasure and flavor if enjoyed with food.  I like the idea that our local wineries produce a wide variety of superb wines.  The Flying Leapers will soon break ground in Elgin on a distillery.  That is the new frontier in Arizona, distilled spirits.  We are returning to our roots, and in a very tasty way.  If you are in Tucson and want to sample wine from Arizona I encourage you to drop by the Flying Leap and take a leap into flavor town.

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I like the banner with the logo a lot. And from what I see the bar is very tastfully furnished and decorated. Tell me, how could a wine made of grapes that get as much of sun as they do in Arizona not be good?


Brigitte Kobi

July 4, 2014

The industry started many years ago with some not very sophisticated products. The wines have improved greatly as more competition goes into the market. I am not sure what portion is better farming and what part is better winemaking, but they are much better than a few years ago.



July 4, 2014

This looks very tasty.. I think the Verdelho would be interesting along with Head Over Heels!


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