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Ray Villafane, Pumpkin Professional

October 17, 2014 , , ,

Professional pumpkin carving has reached a high level of skill and art. I admire food art of all kinds, and am used to seeing intricate melons and fruits carved by Asians into extremely detailed shapes. Now we can boast of our own home grown American food carver who creates extreme masterpiece pumpkin carvings. While others are hoisting and throwing them Ray is turning the autumn symbols into amazing sculptures. Like a sand mandala, a pumpkin sculpture is born to die. The ephemeral nature of the craft makes it all the more special. Ray shares his technique with kids in school in hopes of nurturing the next pumpkin Da Vinci. If you have considered carving a jack o lantern this year, why not attempt a bust of your mail carrier, or of your child’s teacher? Good luck! Happy Halloween, Gentle Readers.

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wow.. such a great pumpkin carving family. I wish he would come teach adults how to do this!
GREAT share Pam!


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 18, 2014

OH.MY.GOD. thos are incredible carvings. I’ve tried my hand at this, and it is not very easy!!! Honestly, this guy should move up to other, more permanent materials. HAHA


Ms. Cheevious

October 19, 2014

But then he misses the ephemeral nature of the whole thing…maybe he should do sand mandalas..


Pamela Morse

October 20, 2014

That is amazing! The good thing about pumpkin sculptures is that they DO have a few days life…


October 20, 2014



Dawn Pisturino

October 23, 2014

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