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Ebenezer Mead II, 8th Great-Grandfather

November 8, 2014 , , ,

Ebenezer Mead II

Ebenezer Mead II

Ebenezer Mead II was the son of Ebenezer I, who ran a tavern and served as justice of the peace in Fairfield County during his lifetime.  He did military service and stepped into his father’s shoes as justice of the peace.  His political career also included holding the office of deputy to the assembly.  He is  buried in the Union Cemetery in Greenwich, Connecticut next to many of his family members, and some of my ancestors.  He lived a very long life.  He  married a young wife to spend his last 16 years with him.  I bet she was surprised he made it to the age of  83.  He died the year before the Declaration of Independence.  I really wonder what his politics were, since all his service had been to the crown of England in a technical sense.  His son Amos was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

Ebenezer Mead (1692 – 1775)
is my 8th great grandfather
Amos Mead (1730 – 1807)
son of Ebenezer Mead
Abner Mead (1749 – 1810)
son of Amos Mead
Martha Mead (1784 – 1860)
daughter of Abner Mead
Abner Morse (1808 – 1838)
son of Martha Mead
Daniel Rowland Morse (1838 – 1910)
son of Abner Morse
Jason A Morse (1862 – 1932)
son of Daniel Rowland Morse
Ernest Abner Morse (1890 – 1965)
son of Jason A Morse
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
son of Ernest Abner Morse
Pamela Morse
I am  the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

Ebenezer Mead II was born in Greenwich on October 25, 1692, the eldest son of Ebenezer Mead and Sarah Knapp. He was married on December 12, 1717, to Hannah Brown, the daughter of Peter Brown of Rye NY, and they had Ebenezer, Silas, Abraham, Jonas, Solomon, Deliverance, Amos, Edmund, Hannah, Jabez, Jared and Abraham.
On May 9, 1728, Ebenezer was commissioned a Lieutenant of the East Company, or Train-band, at Horseneck. On May 11, 1738, he was commissioned a Captain of the same company.
He was a Justice of the Peace for Fairfield County from 1733 to 1758, and was a deputy to the assembly in 1733, 1734, 1737 and 1738.
Late in life, in 1759, when he was approaching 70, he was married for a second time, this time to Naomi Weed, the daughter of Abraham Weed. She was about twenty years old at the time. Ebenezer Mead’s will was dated June 3, 1772, and probated June 15, 1775. In it he mentions his wife Naomi and children Deliverance, Jared, Silas, Jonas, Solomon, Amos, Abraham, Jr.; his grandson Enoch Mead, granddaughter Hannah, and grandson Ebenezer, the children of his son Ebenezer, who had predeceased him. His executor was his son Jared. The witnesses were Daniel Smith, Joshua Smith, and Jesse Parsons.

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Ebenezer is such a great name! I’m sure his loyalty would have been with our side of the pond.


November 8, 2014

It’s an interesting question you ask about his politics. While Fiona thinks it was with the crown, it might not have been so since being in the colonies was much harder and the taxation made it even more difficult


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

November 9, 2014

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