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Sir James LeBotiller Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond

March 5, 2015 , , , ,

My 20th great-grandfather was given a castle to marry my 20th great-grandmother.  Sir James LeBotiller Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond was born in 1305 in Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland.  He died  Jan. 6, 1338 in Gowran, County Kilkenny, Ireland.  In his short life he had three children and founded a Franciscan friary.  He had some fabulous wigs, it seems.

James Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond. Knight of the Garter, Knight of Knocktopher, Kilkeney, Nenah and Thurles, Tipperary, Aylesbury, Grewt Lindford and Rotherfield Peppard, Buckinghamshire. Of Sopley, Hampshire, of LaVacherie and Shere, Surrey, of Weeton, Lancashire. Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland, Lieutenant of Ireland.

Son and heir of Sir Edmund Butler, Earl of Carrick, Justiciar of Ireland and Joan FitzThomas.

First husband of Eleanor de Bohun, 2nd surviving daughter of Humphrey de Bohun and Elizabeth of England. They had two sons and one daughter: John, James, Pernel.

He was only three when he served as a hostage for his father, held in Dublin Castle in 1317. His father’s will was dated 1321, and death the same year, listed James, who would be the 7th Chief Butler of Ireland, from long line of ancestors named FitzWalter, adopting the surname of Butler. He received protection (permission) to cross to Ireland in 1326. In 1327, Eleanor was offered to James with an arrangement of the castle and manor of Kilpeck, Herefordshire for life.

King Edward III created him the first Earl of Ormond by patent, bearing date 2 November 1328 at Salisbury with the creation fee of £10 a year. At the same time, the king created Roger Mortimer as the 1st Earl of March.

In 1336 he founded the friary of Carrick-Begg for Franciscan Friars. On 3 June of that year, he gave the friars his castle and estate of Carrick, of which they took possession on Sunday the feast of SS. Peter and Paul.

James died 06 Jan 1338 and was buried at Gowran. His widow would remarry to Sir Thomas de Dagworth.

Sir James LeBotiller Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond

Sir James LeBotiller Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond

Sir James LeBotiller Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond (1304 – 1338)
is your 20th great grandfather
Sir James “The Noble Earl” Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormond, Lord Justice of Ireland (1331 – 1382)
son of Sir James LeBotiller Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond
James Butler (1361 – 1405)
son of Sir James “The Noble Earl” Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormond, Lord Justice of Ireland
James Butler (1392 – 1452)
son of James Butler
Elizabeth Butler (1420 – 1473)
daughter of James Butler
Isabel Talbot (1444 – 1531)
daughter of Elizabeth Butler
Sir Richard Ashton (1460 – 1549)
son of Isabel Talbot
Sir Christopher Ashton (1493 – 1519)
son of Sir Richard Ashton
Lady Elizabeth Ashton (1524 – 1588)
daughter of Sir Christopher Ashton
Capt Roger Dudley (1535 – 1585)
son of Lady Elizabeth Ashton
Gov Thomas Dudley (1576 – 1653)
son of Capt Roger Dudley
Anne Dudley (1612 – 1672)
daughter of Gov Thomas Dudley
John Bradstreet (1652 – 1718)
son of Anne Dudley
Mercy Bradstreet (1689 – 1725)
daughter of John Bradstreet
Caleb Hazen (1720 – 1777)
son of Mercy Bradstreet
Mercy Hazen (1747 – 1819)
daughter of Caleb Hazen
Martha Mead (1784 – 1860)
daughter of Mercy Hazen
Abner Morse (1808 – 1838)
son of Martha Mead
Daniel Rowland Morse (1838 – 1910)
son of Abner Morse
Jason A Morse (1862 – 1932)
son of Daniel Rowland Morse
Ernest Abner Morse (1890 – 1965)
son of Jason A Morse
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
son of Ernest Abner Morse
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

 LeBotiller coat of arms

LeBotiller coat of arms

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I love reading your family tree’s lineage. I wonder what he died of…


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

March 8, 2015

What a wonderful pedigree…. I found this while researching online as I share some of your early ancestry. I am trying to find the place of marriage for Sir James LeBotiller Butler, 1st Earl of Ormond (1304–1338) & Elizabeth deBohun in 1327? I am also looking for the marriage place of their son James BUTLER (1331-1382), 2nd Earl of Ormond & Elizabeth Darcy (1332-1390) in 1346? Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Warm Regards

Liked by 1 person

Tracy Rockwell

August 23, 2018

I will see if I have any info on that. Thanks for visiting


Pamela Morse

August 24, 2018

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