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Sleep Quality, Honey Hibernation

June 7, 2015 , , , ,



Sleeping has always been easy for me. I fall asleep quickly when I am tired, and normally sleep through noise and disturbances that bother others. For the last few months I am challenged to get a full night of rest because my dog needs to go out several times during the night.  Once I have walked down the stairs and let her out for a few minutes my patterns  have been disturbed.  I have been searching for a remedy that fits this situation.  I don’t want a sleep aid, even melatonin, because I do need to wake up for the chore.  I am doing research into various ways to enhance or deepen sleep.  In the meantime my fitbit reads my sleep efficiency.  It reports the number of times awakened, and the time spent sleeping.  My rate normally ranges between 79% and 85%, but last night I hit 73% sleep efficiency, with 23 times awakened.  I need to take action to save my sanity.

Last week I read about honey hibernation.  I have tried it several times and it seems to work.  Sometimes I neglect to do it before retiring, but take the honey on my first trip downstairs with the dog.  I think it might help me fall back into deep sleep.  I am going to start a real experiment with the honey method to find out if it is making a significant difference.  I have asked for a 7 day sleep report from fitbit and will now be religious about taking my son full of honey at 6 pm daily.  Last night I got 57 minutes less sleep than I need.  I did nap today, which I think is a fine solution to the overall rest situation, but I want a sound restful night  as well.  I have used self hypnosis in the past.  That might be useful for my purpose, but I will see if I need more help, after a week of honey.  Have you tried this method, gentle reader?  It is for weight loss and better liver function, but a side effect is better sleep.  I am up for all of the above, especially if it is all that easy.


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Will have to think about trying this, Pamela – my sleep is not all it should be. thank you g:)

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Graeme Sandford

June 7, 2015

It has no down side in my mind. Wishing you deep pleasant dreamy sleep, Graeme.


Pamela Morse

June 7, 2015

well, it works for bears, so maybe there’s something to it ^.^


K.W. McCabe

June 8, 2015

Wow that’s a lot of time up! How does the honey cause your sleep to deepen? I need it!


The theory is written on that link, and they guy wrote a whole book on it..but basically it makes your liver function better, and allows deeper rest.


Pamela Morse

June 9, 2015

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