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Fitness Feedback, The Sleep Monitor

June 10, 2015 , , , , ,



The systems now available to measure and monitor health are mind blowing.  This slice of health care/technology is growing more popular each day.  I started using Fitbit last fall to increase my movement.  It is effective motivation to see performance increase over time, complete with graphs.  I recently became most interested in the sleep measuring ability of my little wrist band.



As you can see I am frequently awakened during the night. My dog needs to go out and I must  walk down a flight of stairs to do the task, so it does disturb my slumber.  I am working this week to push back towards longer deeper sleep by using honey.  Last night on the 3rd trip down with the dog I drank a shot of honey and warm milk, which seemed to work pretty well.  I am also napping after lunch when possible because at that time I zonk out easily.  I do not pay for the advanced membership to Fitbit that provides constant reports and comparisons to your age group in the population.  However, I am taking advantage of the offer to create a one week report for free.  My results will be final on Saturday, and graphed.  I feel very competitive and funny about this challenge.  I want to see an improvement in my sleep in one week.  This may prove to be irrational as a goal, but I am still trying it.  I wonder if I can will myself to be a better sleeper in the long run. Over the last three days I have managed to increase my total time, but without the naps it would not have been the case.  This is one challenge for which gearing up is against my better interests.  How does one become a sleep champion?

Do you use any fitness monitoring devices or apps?  Have you found the feedback helpful in changing your habits?  What kind of sleep secrets have you learned, gentle reader?  I am on a quest for better rest.

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I certainly hope this works for you. I know your situation well.. and I have not used any devices or apps. I already knew I was in trouble when I started taking the dog out 3x a night….. and having to take him out on a leash.
I hope your sleep pattern improves soon Pam!

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

June 13, 2015

Thanks, Stevie. I have managed to move the meter into the normal zone in just one week. The honey thing really does work. I am also treating the dog with herbal meds which have reduced the number of times she needs to go…both helpful.


Pamela Morse

June 13, 2015

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