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Summer Sun and Skin Safety

August 10, 2015 , , , ,

reflection in my pool

reflection in my pool

Summer ends with monsoon season here in Tucson. The humidity builds and storms bless the desert with rain in July and August. September can go either way, but normally it is dry, and just a little cooler.  I do love our hot weather and spend time chilling in the pool to stay cool.  I wear protective clothing, hats and sunscreen when I am outdoors.  Recently my dermatology exam revealed a couple of spots worth of further testing. I had two biopsies taken, one from my shoulder, and another from my forehead.  The results have not yet returned, but the physician’s assistant was certain that I am heading for surgery soon for both of them.  This is the first year I am glad to see the hours of sunlight receding.

I am freaked out by the idea of cancer growing my skin, but am very happy that I can take care of them now before they become serious.  A friend from the beach in California had a similar experience recently, but her medical doctor had to be convinced to examine her spots more carefully. She had to ask for a second opinion, and then was correctly diagnosed. (scary) Dermatologists can recognize the potential problems based on their extensive experience and training.  The dot that will be removed from my forehead is practically invisible.  It shows itself as a tiny red blotch, no roughness.  The spot on my shoulder is a little rough to the touch, but I did not suspect it was cancer. Neither of these seemed like anything to me.

You may guess where this story is going, gentle reader.  Sunscreen and hats are no guarantee against damage.  We do owe it to our skin to be careful with exposure and use products to guard against damage, but the best defense is regular consultation with your dermatologist.  With the expertise they possess and the techniques available now your outcome is likely to be good if you stay on top of your visits and exams.  I am lucky my doctor, Dr Hu, at Specialists in Dermatology is  located very near my home. I have spoken to a friend who had mohs surgery from Dr Hu for a spot on her nose.  She is very grateful also to have nipped it in the bud.  In both of our cases the early diagnosis when few apparent signs of danger were obvious to the untrained eye has made a big difference.  No matter where you live, plan to visit the dermatology office on a regular basis.  The face you save may be your own.

Tucson Sun

Tucson Sun


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Good luck on the biopsy results!! I wear sunblock every single day. I wear it when I walk the dog when there is no sun.. because whether it’s light or dark out, there are still UVA/B rays out there. . crazy.

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Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

August 10, 2015

Good that you have such a carful doctor, Pamela. I guess the amount of cancer cases diagnosed are a combination of the sun that hits the skin very hard (due to ozon) and the diagnosis we have become able to make. 100 years ago people just would not have discovered the issue.

Sure you’ll be alright.


Brigitte Kobi

August 11, 2015

I think many MD’s today would not have picked this dot out from all the other declarations on my face…It is excellent that I have Dr. Hu on the job.


Pamela Morse

August 11, 2015

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